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Have you ever struggled with figuring out to to seamlessly bring your spiritual aspirations together with your daily life?

It’s very easy to look at Instagram, see pretty and beguiling images and want some of the magick in your own life.

Raise your hand if you ever bought a crystal or some magickal item, get it and then feel lost at how to actually use it or develop a sustaining spiritual practice with it?

Or how about the times you intend to really pay attention to the moon cycles only to forget to track the phases and feel like you missed another opportunity to practice what you secretly want to embody.

Well, if you said “yes” to any of those questions and your TIRED of spinning your wheels, then my VIP Program is just for you.

Introducing Biz Craft. My one-of-a-kind VIP program and community catering to modern mystics.

Biz Craft is the bridge between mundane daily life and magickal living.

Biz Craft is also my commitment to you and your success. It’s where I help you get to the business of crafting your business and your best life.

Working with me brings a sense of peace and legitimacy to your practice. And by legit I mean really understanding not just the what or why you're doing something but the mastery of it. It’s also the space where I can help you overcome your specific challenges tied to your Sun sign and solve the problems that every business owner faces.

With my program, I will take you by the hand and walk you through the concepts, the techniques, and the knowledge needed to master your magickal life and truly become a modern mystic.

Each month I teach either a concept, a course or run challenge that will help you grow in your understanding of your own magick.

We cover all aspects of a modern mystic life. From manifesting to astrology, to branding to pricing your work accordingly.

All of this comes down to what I call my Mystic Method of getting results.

Now to be clear...I do not teach mindset. I teach magick and marketing. You will learn ancient techniques taught through modern methods and delivery. You will get the missing pieces that has made making money from your gifts seem impossible.

If you’ve wanted to create a life and business that was both practical and magickal, this program is for you.

Who is this program not for?

People who aren’t ready. Who don’t believe. Who don’t value intuition, connection to the earthly, mundane and spiritual world. Who don’t believe in spirit guides, astrology, or in the power of their ability to create their own miracles.

There is no hard sell. Either this is for you or it isn’t.

Read on to see the benefits.

The reason why you feel like something is missing in your life, is because MAGICK, not mediocrity is your birthright.

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How is Biz Craft different?

Biz Craft is unique because it serves two functions in your universe.

1) It helps you understand WHO you are and how to tap into your greatness through your Sun sign (your Sun sign is based on the day you were born). I do my deep dives into your astrological make-up. You’ll discover what makes you tick, what makes you awesome, and what makes you just procrastinate on getting things done. I’m creating and curated resources that tailored just for you. No other program can claim that!

2) It gives you access to strategies, techniques, and knowledge that I’ve personally accumulated, harnessed,and tested out that will help you create a business and life that works with your personality and energy. I share all the stuff I know. If you’re familiar with my daily readings on Instagram or my weekly newsletter, Lunar Love Letters, then you know I give without ego. Imagine being able to sit and chat with me about your life or business and walking away feeling better and more in control!

Biz Craft is my open love letter to the business owner or creative who sees the world not only in symbols and signs but also in strategies and service.

I want to share my knowledge and be your guide.

I want to help you change your life for not just the better, but for the BEST.

My role as your guide is to help you overcome overwhelm, kick self-doubt to the far side of the moon, and feel comfortable in your skin to charge what you want and promote your what you got.

Below is the snapshot picture of what you get inside my VIP Program:

❍ Private community to get feedback, guidance and support

❍ Monthly astrology and lunar report to help you know what’s coming up ahead

❍ Monthly calendar to help you plan your activities based on the month’s best days

❍ Monthly business or spiritual challenge to help you grow your business or your self-development

❍ Checklists, resources and templates

❍ Monthly business horoscope reading (astrology + intuitive reading + business advice) for your Sun sign

❍ Monthly Facebook live / Zoom to ask your specific and individual questions (I love helping my students apply what they learned)

❍ Ability to upgrade to private one-on-one session (special pricing on 1-hour readings)

For a limited time, the inaugural price is $30 a month (a $1 a day) for the month of October. If you sign up during this month, you’ll always have this monthly price forever as along as you’re a continuous member.

After that the price goes up to $50 a month. You can cancel anytime. No questions asked.

So, if working with me and getting the best of what I got is what you’re looking for…sign up today and get your BEST price. My program will never be this low again.


Frequently asked questions

Do I really get readings every month?

Yes, you do! As a VIP member, you get monthly readings based on your individual Sun sign (the sign you look up based on your birthday). These readings will provide a clear, concise snapshot picture of how your month will be!

What is astro report and calendar?

The beautifully designed PDF planning guide contains all the important astro-events that take place during the month, and New Moon and Full Moon readings! Imagine being able to take advantage of the best times for manifesting, knowing when to take bold action and when to plan your next move. 

How much is it a month? can i cancel anytime?

The cost is $50.oo a month. And yes, you can cancel anytime. I don’t want to keep anyone in my space that doesn’t feel like it’s the right place for them to be! So, you can try out my program risk-free.

Do you offer any special savings?

Yes, I do. If you like predictability and savings, I have a one-time payment option available for you. When you choose the one-time payment option you get two (2) months free.

How do I access my gifts and goodies?

Once you sign up for the VIP Program you’ll be granted access to a password protected membership space. Inside this protected space you’ll be able to access your resources. You’ll also be able to access your monthly readings in this space as well!

What if I have more questions or need additional information?

Feel free to reach out at support@thebusiness-mystic.com. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.