Aries birthday reading 2019

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Welcome to Aries season

the 2019 edition

This reading applies specifically to those who have a Aries Sun sign (and to a lesser degree Aries Rising sign or Moon sign). My birthday readings comprise of the three main things: a tarot reading, an astrology forecast, and a color reading. I believe that utilizing all THREE of these elements help you better understand your next 12 months as they unfold. 

Imagine being able to just focus on the right things and not having to hit eight different websites just to get a clear view of your personal new year. Speaking of new years, I base my birthday readings on the DAY you were born. I believe your BIRTH day kicks off your REAL new year (not January 1st). Obviously, this is a reading that covers all those born in the season of Aries. So, if your birthday falls between March 20th and April 20th this birthday reading is for YOU. 

Okay, my Aries, let’s dive right in.

Tarot Theme for the next 12 months: Ace of Swords

Tarot Keywords: Crystal Clarity, Breakthrough, Raw Power

Tarot Reading:

The Ace of Swords is bringing in that mythical flaming sword energy to help you cut through the bullshit that’s been plaguing you since 2018. You’re done dealing with co-dependent relationships and playing small so others don’t feel uncomfortable around your light. You have a very clear sense of where you want to go and the mental fears of being judged have fallen away (you can thank March’s Mercury Retrograde for that healing!). Don’t be afraid to own your achievements or accolades. This is your year to breakout and own your personal power.

Astro Forecast: The Best

The next 12 months will ask you:

“What will be your best work in 2019?”

You have so many ideas and spend your time burning both ends of the candle to see them off the ground! However, you’ve noticed in the past, that none of the actions have really made any significant progress in 2018. So, this solar year is challenging you to kill the darlings that DO NOT align with your bigger vision.

You are constantly being bombarded with inspiration. Sure, it’s a great idea! But does it really help move your goals forward? Is it in alignment with your current and future dreams? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself in order to bring your best work to life.

So, how do you bring your best work to life?

Simple. Keep your vision on top of mind. Don’t let shiny new ideas distract you from you’re trying to do.

Over the next 12 months, pay attention to the new moons! Your sign rules new beginnings, so you will undoubtedly get power-ups by working with the new moons and the signs they’re in. Use this energy to your advantage!

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Bottom line: You’re now in a position to hone in on what you want the next 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years to look like. You’re no longer willing to subject your income or your happiness to the whimsy of destiny (or a bad day). You are firmly capable of making your own decisions and doing what is necessary! Go build and enjoy your castle!

Good Luck Color: Blue

Shades of blue: The darker / deeper the better - work with your skin tone and personal style preferences.

Color mantra: I speak with calm authority.

Color reading: Blue will help stabilize your natural fiery element and help you SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. It will bring emotional and mental calmness to the times when you want to go head first into a battle without any regard as to whom you’re fighting, if you have any armor or weapons, or if you’re on the RIGHT battlefield. Blue will also bless you with the maternal love and guidance (this can come from your own mother figure, a mother goddess figure, or from mothering yourself).

How you can bring more blue into your life this year: Jewelry (earrings and necklaces), Lapis Lazuli, bedsheets, fizzy bath bombs, and artwork (screensavers, art pieces, vases, or prints).

And that's it!

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