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On July 27th there is a total lunar eclipse in the sign of Aquarius, which is the second of three powerful eclipses that take place this summer.

This particular one is the longest to take place in a century. Astrologically, these are historic times. 

To really understand the significance of this eclipse, think about how topsy-turvy the energy already feels during a Full Moon.

A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon on steroids. Just as solar eclipses signify new beginnings, lunar eclipses indicate culminations. 

To learn more about where the eclipse will impact you most, read on!

July 27th total lunar Eclipse – AKA the cigarette 

This is the second of three powerful eclipses to take place this summer. This particular one is the longest to take place in a century.

Full Moons are typically about culminations.

They’re about letting go of the things that don’t serve you.

Letting go is a huge theme involved with this moon. When we release the people and situations that don’t serve us, we’re making room for positive changes to take place in our lives.

This isn’t always an easy process.

We are creatures of habit, and we have the tendency to resist change—this is further highlighted by the fixed Leo-Aquarius axis.

The energy shows us where we are locked into place. 

Therefore, let’s call this eclipse, “The Cigarette”. 

There was once a time in American history when the public was told cigarettes weren’t harmful. In fact, they were considered good for your health.

Imagine the public’s collective response upon finding out the thing they had been enjoying for years was actually killing them. 

On one end, we have Aquarius, the sign of the collective. It’s also the sign representing our hopes, dreams and wishes for the future.

On the other end, there is Leo. This is where our hearts exist, where we express ourselves, and also where we create. 

Whatever information you receive during this time will make you step back and suck in a breath.

Uranus is what gives this eclipse the shock factor. He’s the whistle blower that blew the Tobacco Companies out of the water.

He’s the politician asking for reform. He’s whoever brings the information to light. And Saturn is backing him up.

Saturn takes on the role of the researcher, providing undeniable evidence through multiple studies that smoking causes cancer. 

These two guys are your friends. They’re trying to help.

You don’t like what they’re telling you, but you know they have your best interest at heart.

Now you’re angry because all this time, you were told lies.

Mars is there with the moon, inflaming your passion and anger. How could this have happened? You should have known with every wheeze and cough—you should have seen the signs for yourself.

Whatever revelations there are won’t be taken lightly. What’s interesting is that the South Node is here too.

When the South Node is involved, it’s symbolizes the act of clearing out karmic debt. This energy is very cleansing. You’re cutting the habit, and now you’re on your way to good health.

This good health means you can fully step into your role as a leader—this is where Leo comes into play.

The Sun is there, sitting next to the North Node, your destiny. It’s not an easy road.

Cutting bad habits takes a lot of strength, but you’ll do whatever it takes. 


The dreams and goals you envisioned for yourself years ago are not the same ones you have today, Aries. You may have already accomplished what you set out to do or maybe you don’t have the drive to stay on your current path.

Either way, you’re not the same person anymore. Outside influences are changing to reflect the change inside of you. Your friends, interests and passions are evolving.

Aries rules your sense of identity or the “self”, and to lose your original purpose is terrifying. The challenge is in moving on from what you once thought you were to the person you’re becoming.

Let go of the past. Make new wishes and create new dreams. The best is yet to come.



You’re reaching a turning point in your career, Taurus, and this eclipse is forcing you to choose which way to go. For someone as stubborn and set in their ways as you, to call it uncomfortable is an understatement.

Major decisions are looming, but you’re stalling. How do you want to present yourself to the world? What is your brand?

You may need to start from scratch, and if that’s the case, don’t let this knock you down. With every failure, you learn something new. This time, you’re taking the road to success.



This is an intense period for you, Gemini. Your world has catapulted, and you may feel spread in every direction. Don't give up! The heaviness you're experiencing is part of your transformation. 

Everything you thought you knew is shifting. Your entire belief system is changing. Use your Mercurial talents to take you to the next phase.

Discard the old paradigms that weren’t serving you. Don't be surprised if you get the urge to get a "new look" after this period is over. You’re evolving, both in business and in spirit. 



It’s time to cash out on any old investments and find new ones to plant your seeds, Cancer. Your business may have undergone a merger or perhaps you’ve just finished a creative project.

Whatever it is, you’ve given your work every ounce of energy you possess, and now you’re having a hard time moving on.

Accept that this is the new model. Embrace the blood, sweat and tears you invested and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’re a transformed person because of it. 



Your relationships are taking a hit under the effects of this eclipse, Leo. Some may even break for good.

You’ll feel these changes with the people you work closest with, whether it’s your business partner or regular clients.

Someone is on their way out just as someone new is on their way in. Let the people who weren’t serving you fall away so that you will can allow new partnerships to blossom. 

You're owning your power in FULL MODE. Allow yourself to be surrounded by those who are not intimidated by your strength or brilliance. 



This eclipse affects your daily routine, health, and co-workers. Perhaps you’ve been given more responsibility.

Or maybe the content of your work has morphed into something completely new—something that better fulfills your soul’s purpose.

Whatever the case, your schedule has gone through an overhaul of adjustments. It feels similar to riding a bike for the first time, and you’re afraid you may fall off.

Don’t worry, Virgo. Remember that the universe is simply aligning with your spirit. Your outer world is mirroring the inner one. As a mutable sign, it won’t take you long to adapt. You’re on the road to success. 



Your passion and creativity are breaking through under the influence of this eclipse, Libra. It’s time to express your authentic self.

Put your inner artist to work and breathe life into your ideas. You can be assured recognition is waiting at the end of this tunnel.

Whatever it is you love, this is the time to turn it into your life’s work. Expect to feel the need to rearrange or redecorate your home / home office. Make it yours fully!



A major change is shifting on the home front, Scorpio. You may be facing a move, house repairs, or big changes within your immediate family.

Compromises will have to be made which affect all other parts of your life. These are necessary changes, even if they are difficult.

Remember that your foundation must be solid in order for you to grow and achieve success. 



This is a turning point for you in relation to communication, transportation and your own personal network or tribe.

Information is coming in which has the power to send your business in a new direction. This is a chance to network and blast your voice, Sagittarius.

Remember to branch that voice out into purposeful directions. 



Money is coming into focus, Capricorn. Monetary gains, losses, investments, and revenue will all feel a shift under the influence of this eclipse.

Your resources and values will be tested. As an Earth sign, this can be particularly difficult, especially if you are trying to come out of debt.

Look at which streams of revenue are bringing in the most money. Cut off the ones that aren’t working. At the end of the day, what do you value? If it’s time, take a look at where you’re spending it. 



You’re getting a makeover, Aquarius. You’re an entrepreneur, an innovator, a leader—any negative qualities that don’t fit under those titles are being thrown out.

You’ve done the hard work, transformed inside and out, and it hasn’t been easy. All of this was to become the person you needed to be.

There are parts of yourself and your life that you’ll miss, but you’re ready to start the next chapter. This is where it begins. 



Hidden secrets are coming to light. This eclipse is shining a spotlight on what makes you tick, forcing you to take a hard look at the inner workings of your mind.

What’s holding you back? Just like everyone, you have your faults. You have habits and old systems that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.

This is the time to shed your skin, Pisces. Now that you see yourself for everything you are, good and bad, you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. 

And that's it!

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Sending you the best, 

Aliza Rose