Full Moon in Capricorn - June 28, 2018

Full Moon In Capricorn.jpg

The Full Moon in Capricorn on June 28th is the call to all entrepreneurs. This moon wants you to shit or get off the pot, to stop staring up that mountain and start climbing it. When you put in the effort to take the first step, you begin to make your dreams a reality.

When you begin to make your dreams a reality, you begin to get rewards from it, both financially and socially. Moreover, you find that sometimes, there are no mentors or role models to tell you what to do. You have to be the one to go alone, try things, and then tell everyone else what it’s like and how they may do it, too.


Your intuition and your gut instinct will serve you well in your professional endeavors. You don’t have a problem doing things by yourself. In fact, you have more of a problem sharing the load. Your pistol-like energy that confounds others is exactly the thing that brings you to success. Today, bask in your ability to get things done your way as you see them according to your vision, no matter what the rest of the world thinks. If you’re lucky, they’ve caught up some by now, and they see how well you’ve done despite them, or that you don’t care about them.


It’s your relationships with people take give you the most rewarding experiences. It may strike you today that so much of what you’ve managed to do is because you’ve learned so much from others. While you can certainly be proud of your own accomplishments, one of those accomplishments that you celebrate today should be your ability to surround yourself what the kind of people who want to help you. They’re the intangible assets that make you climb the mountain, even if you have to do the climb yourself. You know more now than you did before, and that’s something that can never be lost or stolen.


The sacrifices that you have made to get where you are nothing to overlook. Celebrate the blood, sweat, and tears that you shed in order to reap the benefits. Celebrate your successes. Even if you fail in the future, no one take away your past successes from you. No one can make you forget about them. This man want you to remember been a matter what happens, at your core, you are the one who made things happen, and that your business and all that comes with it could not exist without you personally at the helm. 


The give and take in your relationships may be more obvious to you today. If you’ve been given more than you’ve been taking, put a little more effort and to show others that you care and that you appreciate them. This is especially important if they’ve been helpful and patient with you and your career endeavors. However, if you’ve been playing second fiddle to somebody else, you’ll feel the urgent need to let them know that you too, provide and that your work has meaning, even if it’s a little weird or unconventional. Celebrate with setting the next challenge. 


Deep down, you know you have what it takes all on your own to make it on your own terms. Today, meditate on what you can do. You can work like a dog if the stakes are high. You may do so, but ask yourself: do you dream so big that you couldn’t realistically make those dreams come true, and do you have a plan? You have a lot of natural blessings that you may take advantage of or overlook. This moon is about meeting realistic goals, and all lofty goals are really just made of series of realistic goals.


Today, you may be reminded of a very important lesson: your friends can make or break you, so choose them wisely. If you have the kind of people in your life who are supportive and productive, you have reason to celebrate. They’ll inspire you to continue reaching higher. However, if you have too many naysayers who just live to keep you in check, it may be time for you to do what your gut tells you and start finding a better class of weirdoes to hang with. This moon tells you that you deserve the kind of friends who are ambitious and industrious, too.


This is the day to celebrate the family with people close to you to act as your foundation. These people probably don’t push you to get a job, or ask you awkward questions Thanksgiving. Did you think about how important it is to have good people at home so you can go out into the world and win? You want to create stability for yourself and them. The best place for you to start is to make a happy and serene home for them. Is your business spilling over into everything? Is it creating chaos for others who lovingly work around it?


Me, myself, and I. Not really. You have a million ideas for things you want to do and implement, as well as things you could do if you had the money or the manpower. This is all good, but have you ever just enjoyed the ability to find butter for your bread? Every idea practical, every idea lucrative. Look at the life you have and celebrate freedom to try new things. Even if you feel pissed down by customers, deadlines, and contracts, you’re in control of all of those things, and isn’t it great to know that you have built a business around yourself? 


Out of everyone, you should especially count your blessings. You may have had your ups and downs, and you may not have as much money as you would’ve liked in the past two years, But through necessity, you learned to adapt. Frankly, you had no choice. Meditate on the values that you have that allows you to work with freedom and flexibility. While anyone could work for it, and anyone could have it handed to them, it takes a special type of person to commit to walking their own road. Are you committed to it in the long-term? Will you keep going?


This is the day to celebrate you. Your ability to work slowly and steadily for a goal isn’t given to just anyone, and your fortitude, ability to hide your feelings and to keep your eye on the prize in the distance are what make you the quintessential businesswoman. While you may be too humble to say this about yourself, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You’re doing it, and you keep doing it: you keep going. You can allow yourself one day to celebrate being a born workhorse who knows that 90% of success is simply showing up. 


This is probably not the time for you to celebrate your ability to cling to certain values. You don’t see yourself as stubborn, and yet, you probably can’t escape that side of yourself, or the side of you that wants to make a profit and be seen. This is a day to accept the business-y side of yourself, the part that you may not be the most comfortable with and yet everyone sees. Otherwise, you may get in your own way continuously. Look back on all you have accomplished without judging it or ascribing it to someone else. Take ownership of your success. 


You long for so much more, and even though you run a small business, you may see yourself as a part of a permanent institution of business owners whom Amazon and automation can’t drive out. Your work is a testament to something bigger, whatever that is. There’s nothing wrong, however, with just wanting to make some money so you can go out for a family dinner once on a while; remind yourself that success doesn’t have to be some Xanadu from Citizen Kane standard. What do you really want and hope for? That is what you’ll get in the end.