How Aries Can Be Better Business Owners

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Hey, Aries! As a fire sign, you are a pro at taking charge. You were born to be a pioneer in the business world. In fact, you invented the term, entrepreneur. But if you’re struggling to keep momentum, there are a few things you can do to achieve success:


Steady On The Gas

You already have originality down pat. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruler of the first house, and the birther of new cycles and beginnings. Much like your symbol, the ram, you have it in you to be courageous and straightforward. You charge onto the scene, bursting with new ideas, ready to get to work right away. People admire this about you; they notice your ability to initiate projects, your bravery, and it inspires them.

Your biggest challenge is to hold your momentum. Though you start out with a bang, your follow through isn’t always up to par. Your ruler, Mars, gives you the drive to act, but you lack the stamina that takes you to the top of the mountain. This is where it’s important to learn from those slow and steady earth signs. They know what it takes to diligently plan and to keep climbing no matter how many challenges they face.

Try not to give too much of yourself away. Break up large goals into smaller ones and allow yourself to complete each one with the feeling of success. More than any other fire sign, you have the tendency to burn out quickly. It’s important that you hold onto to some of that fire for yourself. Allow it to light your path to the end goal.

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Reign In Your Mars

Because Aries natives are born within the spring equinox, you are made up of energy representing fresh starts, which imparts a childlike nature. Energetic and enthusiastic, you’re rarely ever jaded or plagued by heaviness.

Most of the time, you’re really fun to work with. Keyword—most. Because when the wrong buttons are pushed, your Dr. Jekyll turns into a raging Mr. Hyde faster than anyone can blink. Just like a child, you’re prone to BIG temper tantrums. The nice thing is, they don’t last long, and you couldn’t hold a grudge if you tried. But as brief as those tantrums may be, they can cost you a lot in the professional world. Including relationships.

Your reputation is everything. Don’t ruin it through momentary lapses of judgement. Don’t post to social media when you’re upset, and don’t confront others in the heat of the moment. Mars is made up of all body and drive without a head, which means it’s important to think before you act. When those buttons get pressed, pull out your Mercury and strategize.


Build Trust

You’re usually a solo act, preferring to rely on yourself and no one else. Nobody has your back like you do, which makes it hard to form trusting relationships, and it’s even harder to delegate work amongst your peers. In fact, those trust exercises have probably always terrified you. Like the one where you have to fall backward into your partner’s arms.

You’d rather run across hot coals, thank you very much. But sadly, the lone wolf mentality won’t get you very far in the business world.

Learn from the Libras. Schmoozing can be more beneficial than you know. Solid relationships will be there to catch you when you fall—and you will eventually fall. Empires aren’t built alone. You need the right team to help you rise to the top.

And that's it!

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