How Gemini Can Be Better Business Owners

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Hey, Gemini! There’s no one else in the zodiac like you, Gemini. You’re witty, smart, and you’re always on-trend in whatever market you’ve entered. But if you’re having a hard time rising to the top, here are a few things you can do to achieve success:

Meditate Every Day

Your brain fires off new ideas faster than most people can blink, giving you superior intellect most CEOs can’t compete with. The trouble is, by the time you’ve expressed one idea, you’re already moving onto the next. This annoying habit has forced you to become a pro at multitasking, but it also makes it hard for you to buckle down and focus when the time calls for it.

In fact…HEY, YOU! DO I STILL HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? Okay, just checking. Because this part is really important: As a mutable sign, your nervous system works in overdrive. If you don’t give your mind a break, you will create unnecessary anxiety and stress. Give your mind a break.

Every morning, take ten to fifteen minutes to focus on your breath and quiet your mind. There are so many benefits to meditation, but no sign can benefit more than you. Make yourself a priority and take the mental break you deserve.

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Learn to Listen

You have a way with words. The world hears your voice loud and clear, Gemini, and yours is a powerful voice at that. But before you can achieve success, you need to learn to listen. Find a mentor. Perhaps a Sagittarius mentor, since it’s your opposite sign. You can learn so much from people who have tested the waters before you.

If you don’t have an opportunity to take notes from your sources of inspiration in person, use your mercurial mind to explore other avenues. Follow your mentors on social media. Read their books, interviews, and blogs.

Not only can you learn from other people’s achievements—but you are truly wise if you can learn from their failures. The road to success isn’t built in a straight line. There are lots of curves and bumps along the way. However, a good mentor will teach you how to get there in half the time.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. No one understands the power behind an exchange of ideas as well as you. Use this to your advantage. Brainstorm. Bounce ideas off your employees.

Group huddles, conferences, and chats will push you toward success that much faster. You thrive in these types of collaborative environments—just remember to stay on track. Goals and deadlines are important or else you may find yourself lost to endless distractions. Take notes from the Virgos. They are pros at organization.

Another good idea is to make sure you stay accountable, whether it’s by co-workers, business partners, or close team members. You’re skilled at juggling, but you need someone to keep you in check. Keep a detailed calendar as well as daily to-do lists. Once you learn how to adapt to both chaos and organization, there will be no stopping you.

And that's it!

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