New Moon in Cancer - July 12, 2018

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On July 12 (or 13th depending on what part of the world you’re in) we have a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer, which is the first of three powerful eclipses that will take place this summer.

Astrologically, these are important events. Eclipses are intense lunations that bring about life-changing circumstances. A solar eclipse is basically a New Moon on steroids. You can expect new beginnings. New opportunities. New people to enter your life. 

To learn more about where the eclipse will impact you most, read on!


July 12th Partial Solar Eclipse – AKA Breakfast 

This is the first of three eclipses of the summer. In a sense, it’s a prelude of what’s to come. In fact, let’s call this particular eclipse breakfast. The label fits, symbolically.

We start our day by literally breaking our fast. Since this is a new moon, new beginnings are indicated.

What’s your current schedule like? Maybe it’s sleeping in and grabbing a cup of coffee from your Keurig before hurrying out the door.

Whatever you do, that’s your routine. That’s your life. You don’t know anything different. 

Until suddenly, everything comes crashing down. You can count on a complete and total change. You can count on a crisis of your soul. It’s not always easy to get through this energy. But crisis inspires change. This change is badly needed.

Now let’s go a little more in-depth. Let’s break it down. Those eggs? That’s Cancer. This water sign represents women, emotions, and your inner intuition. Home matters will be high-lighted—family, property and children.

That bacon? That’s Pluto. Pluto themes involve transformation, power struggles, the inner psyche, life, death and rebirth. The bacon and eggs are sitting at opposite ends of your plate, and they don’t want to share the space.

Perhaps you’re forced to move to a new location (Cancer is where we find our roots). Or maybe you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant (if you’re a woman) and wondering how a baby fits into your life.

Or maybe your health suddenly takes a center stage. Now you’re waking up earlier for a morning jog (Pluto is transformation) and eating healthier. 

Luckily, there is a giving nature involved with this eclipse. Your orange juice is Venus. Your fork is Saturn and your napkin is Uranus, and they’re all in perfect harmony.

This is good for planting long-term investments, partnerships, and exploring new, innovative paths. For business, this threesome is creating a beautiful energy for setting long-term plans.

The eclipse is our wake-up call. Just like the rest of the day is determined by breakfast, so will the rest of your life be determined by this eclipse.

Change is in the air.

Something new will be brought into your life. And by lunchtime, you’re going to see exactly what’s on its way out.



Home life and family are at the forefront of this eclipse, Aries. Family matters are demanding your attention. Don’t get distracted by business. You have a tendency to have a one-track mind, but it’s in your best interest to learn the art of compromise. Allow the necessary changes to take place at home, and once that happens, you can once again focus on work. 



You’re tired of the world putting you on mute. Don’t worry, Taurus. Communications are coming into focus. Now is a good time to brainstorm with co-workers. Implement those marketing techniques you’ve been considering. Connect with clients on social media. Figure out where your voice is heard the loudest. You may have to fight to be heard, but once you achieve it, power and strength will drip from your every word.  



Money has been on your mind, Gemini. In the past, your pursuits have been all over the place. This eclipse is giving you a chance to build new sources of solid revenue. Consider your long-term goals. Whatever you’ve been considering, now is your chance to act. 



Your emotions may be a little chaotic under this eclipse as it falls within your own sign. You may need to take a personal day or two as the revelations you experience will be intense. Now is the time to redefine yourself. Put your health and body first. Implement the lifestyle changes you’ve been longing for. You can mold yourself into the person you envision, Cancer. All you have to do is take the first step.  



You’ve been wanting to expand professionally, but you haven’t been able to figure out the magic formula. Now is the time to get quiet, Leo. Meditate. A subconscious shift or awakening is happening under the influence of this eclipse. This energy is allowing you to see what couldn’t be seen previously. Use this information wisely.



Do the people you surround yourself with serve you, Virgo? You’re not normally one to put yourself out there, but this eclipse may be asking you to find your tribe. Network. Meet with colleagues. Capitalize on the use of social media to help your business grow. New people are entering your life, Virgo. The ones who don’t serve you will fall away. 



Your career is being pulled under the spotlight, Libra. Whether it’s exploding or imploding, use this time as an opportunity for growth. If you find yourself headed in a completely new direction, know that the universe is guiding you. 



It’s time for expansion, Scorpio—of your mind. You may find yourself getting new training under the influence of this eclipse, and it will only benefit you. Perhaps you’ve been considering attending a business seminar. Take a leap and sign up! Whatever opportunities come your way during this period will lead to greater success in the long run.



Take care of all things financial, Sagittarius. That investment you’ve been eyeing? Now’s the time to act. Plant your seeds and watch them grow. Financial harmony is with you on this one.



A new business partner may enter your life at this time, Capricorn. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. If you lose another partner or client during this time, let them leave. They weren’t serving you. Focus on building new partnerships. 



Say goodbye to your everyday routine as you know it. This eclipse is shaking things up in the workplace. You may find yourself given new tasks and surrounded by new co-workers or clients. Embrace the changes. Now is also a good time to replace bad habits for good ones. Start your day earlier, Aquarius. Get up for that morning jog. Swap your daily bagel for that green smoothie. It’s time to enrich your health. 



This eclipse wants you to liven things up. Bring your creative ideas to the office—you know you have plenty. Start a new project that inspires you. Whatever brainchild is spinning in your mind could be the start of an empire. 

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