Sagittarius Birthday Reading 2018

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Birthday Reading for Sagittarius

Welcome to Sagittarius season! This reading applies specifically to those who have a Sagittarius Sun sign, Rising sign, or Moon sign. My birthday readings comprise of the three main things: a tarot reading, an astrology forecast, and a color reading. I believe that utilizing all THREE of these elements help you better understand your next 12 months as they unfold. 

Imagine being able to just focus on the right things and not having to hit eight different websites just to get a clear view of your personal new year. Speaking of new years, I base my birthday readings on the DAY you were born. I believe your BIRTH day kicks off your REAL new year (not January 1st). Obviously, this is a reading that covers all those born in the season of Sagittarius. So, if your birthday falls between November 22nd and December 21st this birthday reading is for YOU. 

Without further ado, Sags, let's dive in!

Tarot Theme for next 12 months: King of Pentacles

Tarot keywords: Abundance, Prosperity, Security

Tarot advice: See your success by envisioning it and working for it earnestly. Do more of what is working in your business (makes things easier, is profitable, raises your brand) and do so much more less of what isn't. Don't be afraid to review and raise your prices. You do great work and the King of Pentacles wants to make sure you can afford to keep doing it. 

Good Luck Color: Green

Shades of green: The lighter the better - work with your skin tone and style on this one

Color reading mantra: Forgiveness for growth

How you can bring more green in your life: Plants, crystals, stones, artwork, clothing (e.g. shoes, socks, scarves, or sweaters), jewelry, paper currency (like US dollar bills), smoothies

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Astro Forecast: Accomplishment

The next 12 months will ask you:

"What can you accomplish on your own?"

This is a time to do something by yourself and for yourself. It is likely that you have a project in mind that only you can complete. Over the next 12 months you need to explore your talents and limitations in order to REASONABLY assess the feasibility of the project you have in mind. In reality, this special project is only a focal point of attention that’s helping you investigate your own abilities.

This is an excellent time for self-improvement, self-motivation, and personal change. Remember to initiate matters ON YOUR OWN since no one is going to push you along. Don't wait for others to do things for you. #Don’tBeLazy. This is a time to test your own strength and self-sufficiency.

You want to BE THE ONE to make things happen in your personal new year.

The next 12 months is actually very achievement-oriented for you, but all your achievements are more of personal successes and not career triumphs. Advances in your universe are not so apparent to others since they tend to be internal rather than external.

Growth is measured by the satisfaction that comes from reaching your personal goals and making personal changes.

An example of this would be you getting over your habit to procrastinate. You KNOW you should be promoting your services, creating new content, or saving for major rebrand. But instead you keep putting off making your PLAN and taking ACTION.

So, over the next 12 months make it a point to keep yourself accountable for YOUR TIME. Download productivity apps, schedule reminders, and get PUBLIC with goals.

By focusing on the personal goal of working on your procrastination you directly affect your business goals.

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Any projects you start NOW (today until December 21st), will grow and blossom into next year. Expect to receive wider recognition for your work. Use this time to prepare yourself for a bigger push come next Sagittarius season.

What does preparation look like? Well, you may need more professional training, experience, or education (depending on what you do). Again, your focus should be more on YOUR development versus say focusing your resources on new branding or a new website.  

The not-so-great-shit you need to watch out for:

During the next 12 months be cognizant of your tendency to be oblivious to the needs of others.

You’ll be experiencing a lot of subjectivity (me, me, me) and diminished objectivity (what does it look like OUTSIDE OF ME).

I know what you’re thinking, “Well, ain’t that a humdinger! You tell me to focus on personal development then you lambast me for being self-absorbed! I can’t win with you damn Pisces and your Libra moons!”

I get it!

While your perception of life narrows as you focus on your personal development (needs, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses) you STILL need to do your best at keeping your inner asshole in check (all Sags have a quirk that can turn them into grade-A assholes).

You can easily fix this by communicating your enthusiasm / dedication to working on yourself to others. They’ll be more understanding and will be supportive of your efforts. This can be a year for healing and recuperation from a difficult situation (or relationship / partnership), or it can become something more transformational. You may need to keep your attention highly focused in order to channel your most positive traits into highly creative and productive tasks.

Bottom line:

It can be a time of great personal progress; it depends on what you are ready for. Throughout the next 12 months, your character traits will either HELP or HINDER your ambitions. It’s your job, dear Sagittarius, to choose which way you will go.

If you would like me to do a detailed tarot-astro reading (like the one above) that’s personalized to YOUR life, tells you exactly what you need to do, what areas you need to focus on, gives you clarity, and motivates you, then purchase a reading HERE.