Redefine Your Confines

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Ahh, Saturn is finally in Capricorn. 

So many lessons and reflections. 

My South Node is in Capricorn and I am all the feels.

Everything Capricorn rules is being hit and spotlighted. 

Capricorn generally rules business life, goals, status, position, fame, AMBITION.

I feel like the contents of a shaker jar - vigorously being shook to be reawakened and reactivated. 

Since, I began the journey of decolonization as a spiritual path, I've been challenged to review what I perceive as success and "making it" in the "real" world. 

Intentionally living a Babaylan-inspired life (or rather a Catalonan-inspired life since my mother's side is originally from the Pampanga province) has pushed me to question the patriarchal, euro/hispanic-centric beliefs I've held around order, success, and feminine power. 

For those who don't know the Babaylan were spiritual women (or trans-gendered men) who were priestesses, shamans, healers, and community leaders in the indigenous Filipino cultures. When the Spanish colonists / invaders came, they, along with the Catholic friars, branded these women as bruhas (brujas) - witches. They were obviously hunted and persecuted. 

A wounded, tragic, and traumatic ancestral past indeed. 

Mercury Retrograde (review/reflect), the New Moon in Sagittarius (trusting your intuition / no more second guessing), and now...Saturn in Capricorn (limits of power / what is managed) have all accelerated the deep stirrings within me to CHANGE.

Perfection, misguided sense of pushing money away, seeking approval, and giving up my own power and authority for the sake of fitting in and being accepted. 

Dumbing down, numbing out, and clamping down on what I can do because I've been afraid to rock the establishment - the status quo. 

Rules of a game that I had no choice but to participate in. Well, I am done. D-O-N-E. 

I am choosing to no longer play that game. In fact, I'm leaving that field altogether. 

I invite you to join me. 

Shoulder to shoulder. Hand in hand. Balikat sa Balikat. Hawak-Kamay.

Saturn can be such an asshole when it comes to dishing out its medicine. But it doesn't need to be. 

Practically speaking this will look like: 

What you put down in your planners - What are you saying is a priority in your life?

What your put down as your goals - What are you working towards? Or are you chasing someone's dream or idea of success? What you putting down in your vision board? Are those your pictures or some else?

Have you been avoiding writing DOWN your goals? Write them down. Look your ambitions, your goals, your dreams right in the eyes. 

Energetically speaking this will look like:

Where are you showing up with authority? Where are you standing powerfully? Is it in your groups? On your social media? 

Where do you GIVE UP your power? Your position? Or your authority? Is it places where you're looking for approval from the "popular kids" of the internet? Is it from your partner? Your parents? Your community? 

Have you been overcompensating? Over-reaching? Trying to hard to be "perfect". Stop it. And stop it right now. 

In closing:

Review. Reframe. Release. 

Allow Saturn's energy to challenge you to redefine your confines. 

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