You can delegate and still be a control freak

You Can Delegate and Still Be A Control Freak

Is this you?

Have you ever gotten that wild hair to just become the baddest CEO BOSSLADY you can be and go on a VA hiring spree?

Only then to find yourself feeling lost and kinda awkward cuz you're not sure what EXACTLY you're suppose to do with this whole delegation thing? 

Fear not friend. 

I will be teaching a LIVE webinar that will help you learn how to delegate (aka: hire and work with a VA) successfully. 

Successfully means:

  • Not wasting money
  • Getting tedious, stressful and "I hate my life" tasks off your plate
  • Actually *KNOWING* how to do the whole delegating thing (how to set up tasks, what to delegate, and how to make sure your VA knows what you want)
  • Not being dissappointed by the results you get
  • Finding the RIGHT virtual assistant to help you

Listen, I have BEEN THERE.

In the past 10 years of running an online business, I totally know the cycle of being overwhelmed (because I'm always doing EVERYTHING), trying to get shit done, trying to delegate, failing at delegating, feeling disappointed by results, and back again to being overwhelmed. 

I'm a super control freak with plus ultra perfectionist tendencies. I'm also intuitive so I can get all kinds of weird (I own it, girl!).

Traditional methods of trying to delegate never worked for me. I never wanted to be so removed from my business that all I have is a 4 hour work week.

I love being in my business and being creative. But there's just some things I DON'T want to do (like cutting and pasting large blocks of text #dead). 

For YEARS I toiled at experimenting how to create a process that worked with my fun but lovable Type-A personality.

It was expensive (buying chunks of VA time only to never fully use them) and it was frustrating (project management software is great....only if its set up to work with how your brain works).

But FINALLY, I figured it out. I cracked the code! I know how to delegate. I know how to let go. And I know how to set up my process so I get great results every time. 

And guess what? I can help you get your process in order, too!

As a registered student, you'll be getting direct access to how I set up my business on my back end and the EXACT process I use to make sure my VAs deliver results perfectly and to my expectation (Hi! I'm an intuitive control freak perfectionist....are you??).

Once you register, you'll receive your workbook with checklist and webinar information. And once we wrap up the webinar, you'll also get a video tutorial on how to set up your project management process (this alone could be it's own webinar!). 

And as a special bonus for fast action takers who sign up by Tuesday, July 24, 2018 (the next 48 hours), you'll get my PERSONAL LIST of contractors I work with on FIVERR. 

Why Fiverr? Simply, because not everyone can afford a $65 - $150 per hour contractor or VA.

My Fiverr list is super cool and concise. There's a lot of crappy contractors on Fiverr but there's also some great, ethical, and hardworking ones who do amazing affordable work. Lucky for you...I already found them!

My list includes sellers who can help you do your:

  • webinar / podcast transcriptions
  • graphic design
  • copywriting (product descriptions, salespages, squeeze pages)
  • social media posts
  • content calendar
  • naming of programs, Facebook groups, or products
  • removal of backgrounds in images

These are people that I actually respect and work with. So, you know it's the legit. 

The webinar is only $29 and you will get the replay if you're unable to attend live. 

However, the *Fiverr list bonus* ends Tuesday, July 24th 11:59 pmPacific Standard Time. 

Click the image below to register now and secure your Fiverr Contractor list bonus. Or go to this LINK to sign up. 

And that's it!

Love this information? Feel free to share it with others and on social media. 

Sending you the best, 

Aliza Rose