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What’s the story with Business Mystic Insider Membership?

It’s a place where you can go to get your spiritual and business needs met. Where you’ll be able to receive guidance, get sound advice, and nurture your own mystic practice at your pace.

As an insider, you’ll learn secrets to when is the right time to do manifesting rituals, when to plan and when to pause.

You’ll have expert magickal guidance on how to plan and direct your life.

You’ll feel more in control and feel like you have a better chance at getting an edge over your competition or just a bad day!

You’ll get access to practical resources, magickal trainings, special monthly readings, and more.

For only $18 a month (for 12 months), you’ll receive these exclusive member perks:

⟡ Automatic access to my beloved Lunar/Stars astro report and planning guide

⟡ Special monthly readings for each astrological Sun sign

⟡ Invitation to send in your petitions for the monthly Full Moon blessings ritual and candle

⟡ Complimentary Access to my “Golden Abundance: How To Experience Daily Abundance In Your Life” ebook * (to be released in mid-September)

⟡ Complimentary Access to my “Spiritual Practice Bootcamp: How To Begin Each Day with Spiritual Intent” course * (to be released in mid-September)

⟡ Complimentary Access to my “You Deserve It: A Painless Guide To Saying Goodbye to Guilt For Good” guide * (to be released in mid-September)

* These resources are not for sale and cannot be purchased. They are made lovingly available only to Business Mystic Insider Members

When in doubt, use magick.



Frequently asked questions

Do I really get readings every month?

Yes, you do! As an exclusive member perk, you get monthly readings based on your individual Sun sign (the sign you look up based on your birthday). These readings will provide a clear, concise snapshot picture of how your month will be!

What is the lunar/stars astro report and planning guide?

The beautifully designed PDF planning guide contains all the important astro-events that take place during the month, New Moon and Full Moon readings, a monthly tarot reading, and helpful checklist to keep track of everything! Imagine being able to take advantage of the best times for manifesting, knowing when to take bold action and when to plan your next move. 

Do I have to sign up for 12 months to get all the perks?

Since, I put a lot of commitment (time, energy, magick) into the monthly membership perks, I do ask that members do the same. If 12 months is not right for you for whatever reason, I recommend you purchase the Lunar/Star Report on its own. It’s a one-off purchase and is very flexible.

What if I want to cancel midway through the year? Or would like a refund for a previous month?

Due to the nature of my work, I do not offer cancellations or refunds. If you need additional information before signing up please feel free to contact me at I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do I access my complimentary gifts and goodies?

Once you sign up for your membership you’ll be granted access to a password protected membership space. Inside this protected space you’ll be able to access your resources. You’ll also be able to access your monthly readings in this space as well!

What if I have more questions or need additional information?

Feel free to reach out at I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.