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Virgo Entrepreneur Astrology Bundle

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  •  Star Om Guide for Virgo: Discover your Top 3 affirmations, the easy way to shift your energy if you're feeling unmotivated & uninspired, and which crystal / stone is PERFECT for you! 

Virgo Bump Bundle

  • Daily "To-Do" Guide for Virgo: Discover a curated list of activities that are specific to keep your Earth sign energy focused, organized, and productive! Easy and convenient to use!

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Virgo Ipad

Virgo Entrepreneur Astrology Bundle

Virgo Bundle

The 33-page Virgo Entrepreneur Bundle includes:

  • "Your Zodiac Sign & Your Success" Guide - so you understand the basics of how your zodiac sign helps you in your business
  • Zodiac Sign Snapshot Profile - a snapshot of what makes your zodiac sign successful
  • "Why People Trust You" Guide - get deeper insight on your strengths and the value you bring to your customers
  • "What Are Your Business Challenges" Cheatsheet - uncover the challenges unique to your zodiac sign that cause interference to your success
  • "The Top 3 for Your Zodiac Sign" Tipsheet - advice you need to know to create powerful marketing strategies and get results
  • "Energy Management for Your Zodiac Sign" Guide - identity the best way to manage your energy, so you don't burn or spin out
  • "How To Achieve Success" Guide - get access to specific information on how-to attain lasting success in your business through your zodiac sign 

Bonus Virgo

Plus, you also get this BONUS resources list with your purchase: 

BONUS: Resource List for Virgo - Use this specially-curated list that is targeted at business owners and the challenges they face as they grow their income and influence.

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