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[UPGRADE] Add a Mini Business Audit / $100

Would you like me to do a mini audit on your offers and website / social media presence? 

After I complete your personalized astrology report, I'll go through your offers and website / social media presence and do a VIDEO AUDIT. 

I'll give you suggestions on how to improve your copy and visual marketing, so you get better results. 


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Business Mystic Astrology Report

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Your custom astrology report includes:

  • ☀️ Your Sun sign and how it operates in business and how it lays the foundation for your success
  • 🌙  Your Moon sign and how it controls your money flow (both how it spends and how it attracts it)
  • 🔺  Your Rising sign and explains your personal brand
  • 🌟  Your Midheaven sign and how it influences your social media, reputation, and natural way you market
  • 🌚  Your 12th House sign and how it explains your deeper desires when it comes to your success and your blind spots that block your success

You also get these two bonuses:


A PDF snapshot guide of your signs. Use your guide for future reference when creating new content or for future rebrands. 

[BONUS #2 - MAKE MONEY ACTION PLAN / value $67] 

This bonus will help you understand how to use strategic planning and intentional actions to turn your income goals into reality. The plan includes:

  • an assessment worksheet of what's brining in the income and what's draining your bank account
  • a 90-day calendar to help you streamline your business
  • daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual "housekeeping" schedules to keep your business in the green
  • and more!

NEW: And for the first time, I'm offering optional MINI Business Audits.

After I complete your personalized astrology report, I'll go through your offers and website / social media presence and do a video audit. 

I'll give you super specific suggestions on how to improve your sales copy & visual marketing using your astrology, so you get better results.

Together, these powerful insights will help you make confident decisions with your business direction.

Since, these reports are customized, I can only offer them for short windows of time. 


What is the turnaround time? The turnaround time is 5 business days tops. 

How will the report be delivered? You will receive an audio report of me going over your signs and a custom snapshot PDF guide. If you opt for the upgrade, you'll receive your video audio at the same time. All deliverables will be sent via email.

Are there refunds or cancellations accepted? Due to the personalized and customized nature of the reports, there are no refunds or cancellations accepted once you place your order. 

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