Welcome To The Mystic Masters Program

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Have you ever struggled with figuring out to to seamlessly bring your spiritual aspirations together with your daily life.

Working with me brings a sense of peace and legitimacy to your practice. And by legit I mean really understanding not just the what or why you're doing something but the mastery of it.

It’s very easy to look at Instagram, see pretty and beguiling images and want some of the magick in your own life.

Raise your hand if you ever bought a crystal or some magickal item, get it and then feel lost at how to actually use it or develop a sustaining spiritual practice with it?

Or how about the times you intend to really pay attention to the moon cycles only to forget to track the phases and feel like you missed another opportunity to practice what you secretly want to embody.

With my program, I will take you by the hand and walk you through the concepts, the techniques, and the knowledge needed to master your magickal life and truly become a modern mystic.

Each month I teach either a concept, a course or run challenge that will help you grow in your understanding of your spirituality.

We cover all aspects of a modern mystic life. From manifesting to astrology, to practical magick to shadow work.

All of this comes down to what I call my Mystic Method of getting results.

Now to be clear...I do not teach mindset. I teach magick. You will learn ancient techniques taught through modern methods and delivery.

If you’ve wanted to create a life that was both practical and magickal, this program is for you.

Who is this program not for?

People aren’t ready. Who don’t believe. Who don’t value intuition, connection to the earthly, mundane and spiritual world. Who don’t believe in spirit guides, astrology, or in the power of their ability to create their own miracles.

The reason why you feel like something is missing in your life, is because MAGICK, not mediocrity is your birthright.

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❍ Private Facebook to get feedback, guidance and support

❍ Monthly Mystic Kit that includes this month’s lessons

❍ Complimentary Business Mystic Insider Membership

❍ Worksheets, prompts, homework

❍ Action checklists

❍ Resources related to the course

❍ Monthly Facebook live / zoom to ask your specific and individual questions (I love helping my students apply what they learned)

❍ Ability to upgrade to private one-on-one session (special pricing on 1-hour readings)

For those who like flexibility the investment is $150 a month / month to month / cancel anytime.

For those who like predictability and savings I have the All-Stars Student Pass of $89 a month for 12 months.