Who We Are


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hi. i'm aliza.

I created the Business Mystic universe because I saw a need for a beautiful blend of mysticism, ancient wisdom, modern technology, and straightforward business insight. 

My purpose is focused on helping other mystics come out of the woodwork, out of the closet, and out from the shadows. More than ever, our magic and gifts are needed in our spaces. Together, we'll not only change our businesses but our lives, too. 

When I'm not obsessively looking for new card decks (or compulsively reorganizing my collection), I can be found testing the patience of my beloved Leo soulmate and spoiling my puppy-Betta fish, Indigo St.James. 

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Astro Cred

Sun Sign - pisces

moon sign - libra

rising sign - virgo

the timeline

198? // helped grandma pick roses for her altar dedicated to the virgin mother mary. saw magic and sacredness in prayer. also began lifelong obsession with altar aesthetics (grandma was aleo, y'all).

1994 // intro to astrology. discovered mom's yellowed paperback copy of linda goodman's sun signs in the garage. read the whole book cover to cover over the course of the summer. life made more sense once i understood what being a pisces meant.

1995 // casted my first spell. a love spell. since i'm not married to my 7th grade crush, it obviously didn't work. not terribly disappointed in that outcome.

1996 // manifested like an overachieving asian kid. because i was. became captain of the cheerleading squad, student council president, national honor society, popular, and i had a boyfriend. life was good.

1998 // meet a fellow witch in the metaphysical section at the local barnes&noble. recommended i see a reader named sunny at the crystal cave (costa mesa,ca). 

1998 // book a session with sunny. holy shit. she blows my mind. she tells me i'm going to become a professional reader. slightly skeptical but also excited.


my crew

I am literally surrounded by fire signs. Aries, Sags, and Leos. A few water & earth signs. But mostly fire signs. For a Pisces, I sure love to play with fire. 

favorite cards

I typically use multiple decks in a reading (it's my jam). My favorite tarot decks are: The Rohrig Tarot deck, The Golden Thread deck, The Fountain deck, and The Wild Unknown. Oracle cards are: The Minimalist Oracle deck, Doreen Virtue's Saints and Angels, and the OH cards


There are so many good books out there but there are the ones I always turn to: Any Linda Goodman book (Sun Signs, Love Signs), Mystic Medusa's book, The Enchanted Candle: Crafting and Casting Magickal Light by Lady Rhea, Praying in Color by Sybil Macbeth, and Healing with Crystals and Chakra Energies by Sue and Simon Lilly.

crystals n'stuff

Here's the crystals that I always keep around for extra ju-ju: Selenite, Fluorite, Quartz (rose, smokey, rutile), Pyrite, and Amethyst. You can always find me burning amber incense and sage wands all over my house. I like playing with the wind and praying with fire. I secretly wish I had a greener thumb than I currently have. Follow my adventures on social media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram



The Timeline con't

2001 - 2004 // damn it. sunny was right. worked as a professional reader at several southern california - orange county metaphysical shops such as the latest thing (costa mesa, ca) and psychic eye book shops (fountain valley,ca).

2002 // became certified in magnified healing phase 1. kwan yin rocks, yo. 

2004 - current day // maintained private practice doing readings for select clients. skype makes magic possible. 

2005 - 2010 // dark night of the soul years. think the death, the tower, the 3 of swords and the 6 of swords cards all packed into 5 years.

2010 // started a side gig business writing online dating profiles. advertised in the local pennysaver and forums. wild times, folks. 

2012 // go legit and open the boutique creative personal brand CONSULTANTcy - a freaking great company llc. focused on copywriting, marketing, and brand strategy. worked behind the scenes on 6-7 figure launches.

2013 // became the chief-get-shit-done-officer for my highly respected business mentor

2016 // launched the playground for the first time. later rename it to the business mystic circle to reflect changing focus and purpose.

2017 // halloween. launched new business mystic website and release astro-biz profiles report. #babymogullife