Berni Xiong

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Berni Xiong

“The reading gave me a lot more clarity. It felt so good to be validated and understood. When you’re just processing and processing and not hearing back any validation or any affirmations from anywhere else, sometimes you think to yourself, It’s just me, I’ve got to be imagining things.

To get acknowledgement from you that my “knowing” was spot on (even though you didn’t know the specific situation or what was going on with me inside and out) and to hear you tell me these things as if you were right there seeing it and watching my every day and my every move—that was validation for me!

Though you know me, I know for a fact that many of the things that came out in the reading you did not know about me.

That is soul level shit. Thank you, Aliza!” - Berni Xiong, Owner of Brave Bear Media and Brave Bear University / Author of The Year of The Brave Bear and The Way of The Brave Bear.

Aliza Rose