Mei Pak

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Mei Pak

“I've been working with Aliza for two years and she has been hugely instrumental for all the big achievements I've had in my business and personal life. Aliza is a highly intuitive mentor who is not only caring, compassionate and loyal but also very strategic and results oriented.

She's soulful AND resourceful. Need help creating your product or designing the customer experience within a funnel? Aliza can help. Need to know about the latest apps and software? Aliza knows about them all. Need to know when to launch or raise prices? Aliza has answers.

She's helped me get unstuck from countless business decisions, she moves me forward when I'm faced with inaction. She kindly pushes me past my comfort zones to pursue my dreams in very concrete, practical ways. 

When I met Aliza, I had one business and was making less than $100k a year. After working with her, I've made almost half a million in sales, own two businesses, started an agency and moved to LA to pursue my love for acting and have signed with a manager, agent and have been in commercials and feature films. None of that would have happened without Aliza.” - Mei PakTiny Hands Jewelry Creative Hive Co. / Creative Live Instructor / Website

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