Application for VIP Day


What is your full name?


What are your signs?

If you know them. Please use format: Sun sign / Moon sign / Rising sign

If you don't know, no worries, I'll be able to tell you during our VIP Day.


Briefly describe your current business goals:


What obstacles are keeping you from achieving those goals?


If you had a magic wand for your business, what would your business look like a year from now?


Are you willing and ready to do the work to make your business the best it can be?

Work means sticking to deadlines, writing copy, getting things batched and created ahead of time, willing to put yourself out there to get people to know who you are, etc. 

Tell me in the space below if you are willing and ready to do so. 


Are you ready to invest in transforming your business today?

The investment is $2100 for the VIP Day. Please reflect honestly with yourself if you're ready. 


If you answered "Yes" to the last question which payment option would you prefer?

I offer Pay In Full incentives and payment plans for this service 

Pay In Full Incentive:

You'll receive a sweet 20% discount off if you pay in full


How we connect

On the date of your VIP Day, we will connect over a 4-hour period. We will have a 30-minute break at the 2-hour mark and then resume our session. The sessions are AUDIO ONLY (no video).

  • For US clients - I use a toll-free conference line
  • For International clients - I use Whereby (no long distances or international charges)
  • For the 30-day support, you have priority access to me via Voxer for additional support.

Please check "YES" if you understand that we will be using online software to connect for your VIP Day and for your 30-day support. 


Why is now the right time for you to invest in a VIP Day?


If your application gets accepted, what excites you the most about coaching with me?


Is there anything else I need to know?

Share any information that you feel I need to know. Or any questions you have. 

If not, simply type "NO".


Other things to know...

  • I will PERSONALLY reply back to every application sent in.
  • If your application is accepted, you will be sent a link to make your payment based on the payment option you selected. 
  • You will be sent the client questionnaire and agreement.
  • You will be emailed dates to choose from to schedule your VIP Day
  • You will be given information on how to access me on Voxer.
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