I’m passionate about making businesses profitable




You don't have to be perfect to be powerful. 

I created the Business Mystic universe because I saw a need for a beautiful blend of mysticism, ancient wisdom, modern technology, and straightforward business insight. 

As a mystical service provider my purpose is focused on helping other mystics come out of the woodwork, out of the closet, and out from the shadows. More than ever, our magic and gifts are needed in our spaces. Together, we'll not only change our businesses but our lives, too. 

When I'm not obsessively looking for new card decks or planners (or compulsively reorganizing my collection), I can be found testing the patience of my beloved Leo soulmate and being a magic mama to a beautiful Taurus baby girl.

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Praise + Kind Words

“I've been wanting to find an astrologer 4EVA that could combines the magical with the mundane, the spiritual with the super practical (as I do for my clients) and I finally found her!” - Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup

“Aliza's combination of spiritual connection, relatable analogies, and straight (no bullshit) talk is just what I was looking for in my business and in my life!” - Bonnie Gillespie

“Aliza is one of my guides, and she’s helped me reach a point of soul-clarity that I didn’t have before. Not only was she able to help me understand myself better, but with her guidance, I have a better sense of spiritual purpose in my business.” - Steph Gaudreau