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The 12th house of the unconscious mind and unconscious patterns of thought, emotions, and behavior, the house of secrets in which the secret is kept from us. 

The 12th house is what you hide…from yourself. It’s the thing about you everyone else can see but you. In fact, you don’t see yourself as someone who can exhibit the traits of this sign, but you do, and your public sees it. 

Find out what your 12th House sign is by getting a natal chart done.

Your 12th house shows where you shortchange yourself, curtail your success, and look everywhere for reasons or things to blame. 

The good news is that by knowing about the sign on your 12th house cusp, you can understand how you could sabotage yourself and your business, and how to instead use these energies for positive things and secret powers.

If you learn to recognize what you’re running from in the 12th house, you’ll be able to more masterfully overcome challenges that block you from what you really want.

The signs on the 12th house cusp and how they shed light on your business: 

Aries 12th House

Aries 12th Sign: Those with Aries on the 12th house cup don’t trust their own energy and struggle to be assertive.

If you have Aries in your 12th house, it's time to ditch the fear and embrace your bold, enterprising energy!

Rarely do we allow ourselves to step outside our comfort zones and take chances – but this is precisely what needs to be done if you want to see any growth.

There’s a likelihood of being afraid to try new things or venture down new business avenues.

Allowing yourself to be bold and enterprising is the key to success. 

Learning how to trust your own instinct and be decisive will open up so many new doors for you, starting with believing that success is within grasp.

So leave the hesitations behind and get ready for an adventurous journey towards a more ambitious version of yourself!


Taurus 12th House

Taurus 12th Sign: Taurus on the 12th house cusp is uncomfortable with waiting and just letting things be.

Trying to be a success as a Taurean on the12th house cusp can lead to some uncomfortable tasks - like waiting, and just letting things be.

You may tweak something until it’s ruined.

But the key to success is learning how to balance those tasks with haute couture mentality and ditching the fast fashion mindset.

Being mindful of quickly coming to conclusions or forcing plans onto situations and instead embracing slow, creative-process driven changes will help ensure continued success.

Just like peeling an onion – layer by layer, Taurus on the 12th house cusp can find success by taking time when needed, not taking shortcuts, and delighting in making progress one step at a time.

Gemini 12th House

Gemini 12th Sign: Gemini on the 12th house cusp doesn’t want to ask too many questions or know too much. 

For those of with Gemini on the 12th house cusp, it can be hard to get out of our comfort zones and ask too many questions or know too much about the situation.

It feels like a safer bet to just take things at face value and try to control them from there.

With a little bit of self-encouragement and acknowledgement, you can break this mold!

Remember that you don’t need to hide behind the veil of naivety or bliss - you are more than capable in any situation, so why not own your power and become even more successful?

Cancer 12th House

Cancer 12th Sign: Those with Cancer on the 12th house cusp struggle to take care of others and themselves.

It can be tough to balance taking care of yourself and caring for those around you.

Sometimes, this challenge can cause you to come off as bossy or pushy without meaning to.

Here's a tip - try focusing on what your clients really need from you!

Taking a step back and looking at what they require before jumping in shows that you are deeply invested in their success.

That's true self-care!

Listening to each individual case is an important part of building trusting relationships that lead to successful outcomes.

Leo 12th House

Leo 12th Sign: Those with Leo on the 12th house cusp have the hardest time with self-promotion, even when it’s warranted.

If you’ve got Leo on your 12th house cusp, have a seat and take a breath — you are probably the most humble, yet supremely capable person in the room!

You just don’t like to publicize your awesomeness.

And that’s okay — I get it! But when it comes to promoting yourself and your accomplishments or unique offers, you have to move out of your comfort zone and let others know just how talented and valuable you are.

Don’t be afraid to show off how amazing you truly are.

Not only will promoting yourself benefit those who need the ideas and solutions that only you can offer, but it can also transform your life in ways unimaginable!

Let others bask in the greatness that is you — trust me, they won't regret it.


Virgo 12th House

Virgo 12th Sign: Virgo 12th house cusp is fraught with anxiety and mental paralysis.

If you have a Virgo on your 12th house cusp, you are a powerhouse of detail and hard work, BUT you spend far too much energy trying to please others!

There's no need to work yourself into an anxious tizzy over every detail and possibility; sometimes taking action is the best solution.

It takes tremendous courage to acknowledge that you have the power within you—the ability to take ownership over the cup, if you will—but it's worth it!

Step outside your comfort zone, focus on yourself and your dreams, be unapologetically bold in your decisions.

Once you've achieved this, doors start to open because no one can deny your drive and determination. So don't be afraid to act on your great ideas—you can definitely make a difference!

Libra 12th House

Libra 12th Sign: Deep down, people with the 12th house cusp in Libra are unable to express their desires.

If you’re a business owner who has the 12th house cusp in Libra, then you know exactly how hard it can be to express your desires.

But don’t worry, having this placement puts you in a great position to capitalize on what you do best - promoting beauty and harmony!

Understandably, with a Libra placement, it may be tempting to exclusively use compliments when marketing your business.

While compliments certainly have their place in any healthy marketing strategy, they aren’t the only tool at your disposal.

By tapping into the astrological influence of Libra (luxury, balance, abundance attracting), you can unlock a wealth of creative ideas to make your business truly stand out from the rest!

Scorpio 12th House

Scorpio 12th Sign: Scorpio 12th house cusps are nearly psychic but refuse to listen to their gut, especially if it tells them something unpleasant about human nature.

The enigmatic Scorpio 12th house cusp folks have the remarkable ability to pick up information that others may overlook, like underserved audiences and sub-niches.

With this nearly psychic gift, surprisingly, they seem to ignore their instincts when it comes to their own gut feelings.

This is a tremendous strength -- the power of insight makes them skilled marketers and coaches on many levels, able to foresee risks and opportunities in ways some of us would never conceive.

People born with this placement can often provide unique yet effective solutions to problems, if only they trusted their amazing intuition!

Sagittarius 12th House

Sagittarius 12th Sign: Sagittarius on the 12th house cusp has difficulty finding the meaning in what they do.

It's no secret that Sagittarians on the 12th house cusp often feel lost when it comes to establishing their true purpose in life.

Finding meaning in what they do is absolutely paramount if they're going to have a lasting impact on the world.

The key for them is to take some time for self-reflection and ask themselves what really matters most in life.

Being aware of this helps Sagittarius find the meaningful connection between them and whatever task is at hand, leaving no doubt in their mind that their actions are capable of producing true, tangible results.

They just have to believe it!

Capricorn 12th House

Capricorn 12th Sign: Those with Capricorn on their 12th house cusp must stop running from their ambition. They need to own it.

If you were born with the Capricorn 12th house cusp then you know that your ambition is strong and fiercely independent.

You'll often hear people talk about dreaming big and reaching for your stars, but if you have the Capricorn 12th house cusp this isn't enough.

What sets you apart from the rest are your hands-on approach and insatiable need to stay organized and achieving tangible results.

However, instead of running away from it, you must own this powerful ambition of yours.

Turn it into a tool that will help you turn dreams into reality.

Use this deep-rooted passion to drive yourself to success on any endeavor, while never forgetting the importance of enjoying the journey!

Aquarius 12th House

Aquarius 12th Sign: Those with Aquarius 12th house cusp struggle with accepting and expressing their individuality in a positive way. Creating a personal brand will help make their business flourish.

Those with Aquarius on their 12th house cusp have a unique challenge to tackle.

On the one hand, you want to express your individuality and stand out from the crowd, while on the other hand you may feel apprehensive of doing so in a positive way.

The key is creating a personal brand that resonates with your ideal clients and is versatile enough to grow as needed.

A focused personal brand gives you confidence to embrace your uniqueness instead of acquiescing to following trends and customs.

This can greatly benefit your business or career, allowing for more prosperous opportunities.

Pisces 12th House

Pisces 12th Sign: With Pisces on the 12th house cusp, there’s a hidden desire to retreat from the world, and simply blend in.

For Pisces on the 12th house cusp, it's easy to want to retreat from the rest of the world and blend in with the crowd.

It can be hard for Pisces to really tap into their business potential and market themselves, but this is exactly what they need to do in order to find success.

Fortunately, marketing their business as a utopia (not a cult!) that accepts people as they are is one surefire way that can help them reach success.

After all, why not create an environment where individuals feel accepted and comfortable? The key is to keep promoting a vision that respects kindness and acceptance above all else.

This is just what helps Pisces take their business endeavors up a notch.


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