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The 12th house of the unconscious mind and unconscious patterns of thought, emotions, and behavior, the house of secrets in which the secret is kept from us. 

The 12th house is what you hide…from yourself. It’s the thing about you everyone else can see but you. In fact, you don’t see yourself as someone who can exhibit the traits of this sign, but you do, and your public sees it. 

Find out what your 12th House sign is by getting a natal chart done.

Your 12th house shows where you shortchange yourself, curtail your success, and look everywhere for reasons or things to blame. 

The good news is that by knowing about the sign on your 12th house cusp, you can understand how you could sabotage yourself and your business, and how to instead use these energies for positive things and secret powers.

If you learn to recognize what you’re running from in the 12th house, you’ll be able to more masterfully overcome challenges that block you from what you really want.

The signs on the 12th house cusp and how they shed light on your business: 

Aries 12th House

Aries 12th Sign: Those with Aries on the 12th house cup don’t trust their own energy and struggle to be assertive. There’s a likelihood of being afraid to try new things or venture down new business avenues. Allowing themselves to be bold and enterprising is the key to success. 

Taurus 12th House

Taurus 12th Sign: Taurus on the 12th house cusp is uncomfortable with waiting and just letting things be. They may tweak something until it’s ruined. Their mindset needs to be more haute couture and less fast fashion to be a success.

Gemini 12th House

Gemini 12th Sign: Gemini on the 12th house cusp doesn’t want to ask too many questions or know too much. They would rather take things at face value because that’s where they can control things. They need to acknowledge that they’re more capable than they allow themselves to be. 

Cancer 12th House

Cancer 12th Sign: Those with Cancer on the 12th house cusp struggle to take care of others. It may come off as being bossy or pushy. These folks will find success if they focus on what they can do for their clients and what clients really need.

Leo 12th House

Leo 12th Sign: Those with Leo on the 12th house cusp have the hardest time with self-promotion, even when it’s warranted. They tend to focus on the work, not on the glory, even though they could be the face of a very tight outfit that serves clients well. It’s important for these folks to promote their paid offers regularly. 

Virgo 12th House

Virgo 12th Sign: Virgo 12th house cusp is fraught with anxiety and mental paralysis: they work themselves into an anxious tizzy over every detail and possibility and thus, never act, hoping someone else will take that cup from them. However, these powerhouses of detail and hard work can do much if they stop trying to please others.

Libra 12th House

Libra 12th Sign: Deep down, people with the 12th house cusp in Libra are unable to express their desires. \Libra knows the value of a compliment, and marketing their business as one that creates harmony and beauty for those who are special enough to seek it is key to their success.

Scorpio 12th House

Scorpio 12th Sign: Scorpio 12th house cusps are nearly psychic but refuse to listen to their gut, especially if it tells them something unpleasant about human nature. Their greatest strength: they pick up what others overlook and run off with them, including demographics and target audiences. 

Sagittarius 12th House

Sagittarius 12th Sign: Sagittarius on the 12th house cusp has difficulty finding the meaning in what they do. In order to have impact on the world, they need to find the meaning in what they do. This is the key to their success.

Capricorn 12th House

Capricorn 12th Sign: These business owners  struggle the most with getting off the corporate treadmill since it’s rewarding to them even though they really don’t have the personality for corporate life. They must stop running from their ambition. They need to own it.

Aquarius 12th House

Aquarius 12th Sign: 12th house Aquarius struggles with accepting and expressing individuality and sticking out from the crowd in a positive way. Creating a personal brand will help make their business flourish.

Pisces 12th House

Pisces 12th Sign: With Pisces on the 12th house cusp, there’s a hidden desire to retreat from the world, and simply blend in. For them, marketing their business as a utopia (not a cult) that accepts people as they are is what will lead them to success. 

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