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Welcome to The Business Mystic universe. Below you will discover the different ways I help you manifest your true potential! My magickal and innovative solutions are the perfect way to solve your problems with grace and ease.

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the business mystic circle

The only way to work with me one-on-one basis. The Business Mystic Circle is my year long partnership with those who want a mystic on retainer.

Full of individual attention, customized rituals and personalized guidance, this level of service is for you if you’re ready to have more magick in your life and desire to have me on hand to actively / magickal support you each and every month.


personal readings

It's time to change your universe by pushing limits and making changes. You are likely in a moment of realization that "normal" advice isn't cutting it for you.

If you see your life and business as extensions of your creative and spiritual self, then now is the time for you to break out of the "sales funnel" and break the rules.

Take a stand and be assertive. Take matters of fate into your own hands. You've been tested and you've learned. Now, it's time for you to work with someone who can help you figure out how to get to the next level WITH your business and soul intact. And that person is me.


mystic masters program

My premier teaching program that shows you how to actually become a modern mystic.

This isn’t one of those courses where you passively learn information that you’ll put into use “someday”.

This is an intense and transformative program that will challenge you to become your best self and magnetize your creative energy and manifest your own magick.


Business mystic insider membership

As an Insider, you’ll be able to receive guidance, get astro & tarot advice, and nurture your own mystic spiritual practice at your pace.

Monthly readings, magickal trainings (like “how-tos”), and specially curated resources are all provided for exclusively for Insider members.

You’ll feel more in control and have more ease as you move forward.

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lunar/stars planning guide

The beautifully designed PDF planning guide contains all the important astro-events that take place during the month, New Moon and Full Moon readings, a monthly tarot reading, and helpful checklist to keep track of everything!

Each month brings a new celebration and an opportunity to manifest powerful results by planning for it.