Aquarius As Entrepreneurs



Hey Aquarius! You already have many innate qualities that make you a great entrepreneur.

Your high intelligence, ability to think objectively and to come up with out of this world ideas gives you a natural edge.

You’re also extremely independent, so working for yourself is simply a no brainer! 

Even so, you’re still subject to downfalls just like all of the other signs.

If you’re looking to step up your game in the business world, this blog post is for you! I’ve put together a few suggestions tailored specifically for you and your needs.




Stay Consistent

One thing about Aquarians is they don’t like to be tied down by repetitive routines, but this can be one of your downfalls as a business owner.

Inconsistency can be a big problem when it comes to taking care of things and keeping a reliable system.

You’re a great innovator, but a little consistency goes a long way! Your clients and potential clients need to see that you’re stable and reliable.


Stay Flexible

The Uranus-ruled rebels of the zodiac are also influenced by the “Fixed” quality, which they share with the signs Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus.

These signs are known for being “stuck in their ways”, stubborn, or rigid in one way or another. Even though you’re an innovator who follows your own set of rules, you can be surprisingly inflexible when it comes to working with others. The ability to stay flexible is important when running a business.


Practice Active Listening 

Aquarians are usually great at communicating, but you can sometimes forget that you also have to listen well and not just get your own point across.

In this way, people might also see you as cold, detached or uncaring. One great thing to practice is active listening.




Next steps:

  1. Try my tips out. Most of these involve loving yourself and knowing that you have to take charge of your life and are responsible for your own happiness. Give some of these a try and see if you don't start to think differently about what scares you.

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