Pisces As Entrepreneurs



Hey there, Pisces! I can already tell you’re really good at what you do because Pisceans are one of the most compassionate and loyal signs of the zodiac.

That means you likely take great care of your clients and your employees. People will always appreciate empathy and being given the best attention and services! 

However, just like every sign, we all have our downfalls. In this blog post, I’ll let you off the hook (get it?) and give you some suggestions on how to not let these downfalls negatively influence your business. 




Have a Solid System in Place

As both a water sign and a mutable sign, Pisces is the most fluid and flowy sign of the zodiac. This is a good thing, but it can also mean you can be very scattered and lackadaisical on a bad day.

To combat these low-energy or scatterbrained times, you should have a solid system in place to keep your business running smoothly on the regular. Keep track of your business through your calendar, planner, or project management system.


Be Sure to Delegate

As a highly creative and emotional being, you might also find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work and tasks in front of you.

Delegate your everyday mundane tasks by hiring an assistant. You’ll be able to focus more time and energy on the things you love -- creative processes and attending to your clients. 


Keep Good Counsel

The garden variety Pisces is super dreamy and sometimes not so grounded in reality.

When there are decisions to be made, you can have a hard time coming to a conclusion.

Form your own personal brain trust or set of friends or colleagues who can give you advice and constructive criticism when you need it.




Next steps:

  1. Try my tips out. Most of these involve loving yourself and knowing that you have to take charge of your life and are responsible for your own happiness. Give some of these a try and see if you don't start to think differently about what scares you.

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