How Cancers Can Become Better at business

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Hey, Cancers! As a water sign, people love your nurturing nature and your empathetic soul.

You crave security, including financial security.

You have a nose for business trends, which can make you very successful. But do you find it difficult to emerge from your shell?

Read on for some helpful tips:


Get a Backbone

You are SO caring. When people talk, you actually listen. You can mother and coddle better than anyone, and you despise confrontation—but enough already!

There’s a place for you in this dog eat dog world, but you have to be like an Aries and seize it. Don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings, especially if they’re taking advantage of you.

And, Cancers, people will try to take advantage of you. Don’t let the jerks of the world make you afraid of going after the success you deserve.

Here’s a little secret: they’re the ones who are intimidated.

At your best, you’re creative, you have a remarkable gut-instinct, and you know how to build successful business relationships. You’re the competition, and that’s okay.

It just goes to show you have something to offer. So grow some thick skin—but do it with a caveat in mind.

Constructive criticism is never a bad thing.

Always keep an open-door policy. Yes, you’re sensitive. A little moody, too, thanks those crazy lunar cycles. You want to glow, just like your ruler, the moon.

It sucks when you don’t, and to hear the critiques, especially when they cast you in a negative light. But be willing to hear out the complaints. People will respect you more in the long run.

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Build a Second Home

Cancers rule the fourth house of the birth chart, also known as The House of Family and Home. This is where we lay down our roots, where we feel most comfortable—it is the foundation for our lives.

If your place of work doesn’t feel homey, you’re never going to stay put. If the people you work with don’t feel like family, you’re never going to find a successful dynamic.

It’s actually not a bad idea for you to work from home, if possible.

If not, try bringing your home to work:

+ Install soft lighting.

+ Decorate with comfy chairs.

+ Set up a food station with your favorite coffees, teas and pastries.

+ Put pictures of loved ones on display.

Whatever it takes to give you a comfortable atmosphere, do it.

Because this is where you thrive, little crab. Within the safe confines of your shell.


Use Your Intuition

Have you ever noticed your ability to “read” people? That’s your intuition at work, cutting straight through to the core of a person’s character almost immediately.

Leery of hiring an applicant? Don’t do it. Do you have an eye for trends? Hone in on that foresight when planning projects.

You have arguably one of the best intuition skills of any sign in the zodiac, one that allows you to see things that fly right over the heads of others.

Why wouldn’t you use it? This is your greatest superpower!

Your gut will never let you down. Tap into that inner voice because it will guide you to success.

And that's it!

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