How To Manifest Success Using Rituals

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To take advantage of the moon's magick and bring about the changes or results you want to see in your life you need to master manifesting. 

But manifesting is not hard. In fact, it's very simple.

And that's probably why it doesn't work for a lot of people. 

People tend to believe that in order for something to be effective it requires a lot of sacrifice or difficulty. 

That is not so. 

Powerful manifesting only requires three things. Imagery (your vision), words (your will), and patience (your faith). 

Out of all the things people ask me, the question of how to do rituals is probably #1 (well, next to...if their business will be successful that is). 

Rituals take a little more time than saying a prayer or writing down your affirmations. But I have found that the results are more immediate and long lasting. 

So, to help you get started here's a simple ritual you can use as a framework for your own. 

I encourage you to follow your intuition, use your own words, and change anything that doesn't feel like you. 

The best time for magick is the TIME you do it.

Again spirit knows your heart so don't worry if it's the right day or phase or what not. Let's begin shall, we?

What is a ritual?

Rituals are acts of giving offerings and prayers to Spirit. 

The framework I teach incorporates PRAYER along with flowers, food, candles, incense or other items. 

The idea behind these actions is to give space to your intentions as well as giving Spirit an offering to help you out. 

Or if that freaks you out. Think of it as giving Spirit the energy it needs to make your thing happen and as a sign of gratitude for their assistance.

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How to start doing this ritual thing...(aka: the framework)

1. Begin by dedicated a flat service as your sacred space or altar. If you build it, the spirits will come. So, don't worry about it being perfect or Instagram worthy. Spirit knows your heart and your intent.

2. Add objects that represent divinity to you. These can be statues, images, or candles with an image on it. The point is you have a representation of the spirit you are connecting with. You can also include objects that represent the elements (earth, water, air, fire) but its not necessary. Have at least ONE CANDLE that you will use to represent your desire (you will light this candle once you're done writing your petition). 

Altars are deeply personal and there is no one way to put one together. 

3. After you've designated a space and added the objects that help you connect with spirit. Take a sheet of paper and write down what it is you want to DRAW into your life (use the New Moon for specifics on what to draw in) or want to REMOVE (use the Full Moon for specifics). This piece of paper is your petition. 

4. Once you're done writing, light your candle. Pour all your emotion energetically into that candle. Now close your eyes and say a prayer to the spirits /  deities / Universe. Ask them to help you manifest what you've written down. Sit for a moment and observe the flame. Thank your spirits. You may let the candle burn for a few hours before you snuff it out (don't blow it out). Relight your candle daily until it is spent. 

And that's it!

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