Plan Your Best 2018


 Hey my lovely daring doers!

Today, I’m posting my astro-forecasts for the upcoming year. 2018 is coming around the corner whether you like it or not.

While you may look back with some guilt (or regret) over what you didn’t get done in 2017, I invite you to look forward at 2018 with a fresh set of intentions. With the new year comes new opportunities and manifestations. 

To guide you in the right direction, I recommend you use the zodiac seasons to time your epic plans and ambitions so you don’t look like last year’s meme (not you EVER, right?).

So, here are my astro-forecasts to help you plan for your best 2018. 


January: Changes! The Sun and Saturn are in Capricorn, and the Sun moves into Aquarius. Make plans, stay the course, but be a force to be reckoned with. 

January To Do: Be practical and patient, like a ninja in the shadows. Make a business plan for the year if you don’t have one. 

January Don’t: Bend over backwards. Be a boss. If the invoice says 14 days, it means 14 days. 


February: The Sun in Aquarius then in Pisces wants you to dream big. Now is the time to think of the possibilities for your business in 2018. 

February To Do: Brainstorm a rebrand for next month if sales are stale. Try an A/B test ( or your version of one) and analyze the results in May. 

February Don’t: Think you’re too spiritually evolved for the scary business of being in business, or take disappointments as an omen. 


March: Spring brings new beginnings when the Sun, Mercury, and Venus enters Aries. Are you in it to win it? If so, this is the month for you. 

March To Do: Think less; do more. Market the hell out of yourself as if you’ve never heard of the word “shame.” 

March Don’t: Don’t alienate your loyal customers in pursuit of all new ones. Reward your faithful fans and consistent clients. 

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April: The Sun and Venus both enter Taurus and reminds you that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but prettier books still sell better. 

April To Do: Think about launching a new product or service or changing your website design. 

April Don’t: Start any of those things now. Follow up on any new customers and check in with older ones. 


May: With the Sun moving into Gemini and Mercury in Taurus, you want to make communication more predictable. 

May To Do: Consider a regular email blast or newsletter to keep customers in the fold. 

May Don’t: Try to outsource or automate everything. Planes have crashed on autopilot before. 


June: Cancer Sun wants to hide in the shade. Take care of yourself and others. Cry if you have to let it all out. 

June To Do: Try direct marketing, especially to past customers, as they’ll be more likely to buy from you again. 

June Don’t: Use a sob story. Sure, it’ll work on some customers, but turning your business into a personal charity turns others away.  


July: Everything brightens up when the Sun moves into Leo. However, Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius, frustrating the Hell out of you. 

July To Do: Go on vacation, unless you truly believe “the customer is always right,” and like hearing it. #SideEyeShade

July Don’t: Throw the baby out with the bathwater. Closing up shop solves one problem and creates another. 


August: August has everyone vying for the spotlight until the Sun eases into Virgo, Mercury into Leo, and Venus into Libra, and everyone sobers up…gently.

August To Do: Hire a consultant or freelancer (someone who doesn’t need credit) to make you look good to your customers.

August Don’t: Get bogged down in details and miss the big picture. No one at the bank is going to compliment you on how neat your handwriting is. (Looking at you Earth signs).  

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September: The Sun moves into Libra and Venus enters Scorpio. People want to cooperate to make money. Be friendly and even nice. 

September To Do: Beta test the MVP you dreamed of in April. Try affiliate marketing if that works with your business model or consider a partnership.

September Don’t: Try to be everything to everyone. Find your niche and market to it. Don’t drop prices either simply to compete with other businesses. 


October: The Sun, Mercury, and Venus enter Scorpio and things get intense, and so do people. Expect ultimatums. And possibly carb-binging. 

October To Do: Poop or get off the pot. It’s time to make new commitments and abandon others. Don’t stay with a service provider simply out of convenience. This is your business. Watch this tapping video to help you get clear on REAL priorities. 

October Don’t: Rely too much on credit, as you may find yourself making your debtors, and not your customers, top priority in 2019. 


November: Lightness comes as the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter enters Sagittarius, opening our hearts (and wallets) in the spirit of generosity. 

November To Do: Bring in new customers by advertising in different places. Try new SEO keywords or Facebook Ads. 

November Don’t: Waste the month masterminding. You could plan the hell out of a sale / launch only to miss your opportunity. 


December: Remember last January? It’s kind of like that but this time, with the Sun in Capricorn, you’re ready to make your move. Don’t hesitate. 

December To Do: Take the steps to grow your business in 2019, not just survive. Read this article about the 3 Stages of Online Business. Be smarter for it. 

December Don’t: Waiting. Or allowing your fear of failure or humiliation make decisions for you. You’ll regret it. Remember, Fortune favors the bold. 

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