Introducing My New Program: Energy Management Course

Energy Management Course.png

Hey lovelies!

I've been working behind the scenes putting together my first Business Mystic Program and let me tell's amazing. 

Introducing my Energy Management Course. 

It's a 4 week email course that will teach you how to manage your energy and put in place loving, graceful business boundaries based on YOUR SUN SIGN. 

Each sign needs specific things to be in balanced. 

As you probably already know, I'm pretty into western astrology. I've been studying it and finding ways to implement it's wisdom in practical ways for over 20 years. 

For myself, my loved ones, and my clients, astrology has been a great and beautiful blessing in understanding themselves and the opportunities they find themselves in. 

So, why put together a course about energy management? Simply, put I was looking for a practical solution that would help me bring more balance into my business universe but that also took into consideration my astrological Sun sign. 

I searched high and low for something, anything that came close to what I was looking for. 

I never found it so instead of crying a river, I just built a bridge. And that bridge is the Energy Management Course. 

The Energy Management Course is the first of its kind. It's a program that blends ancient wisdom with practical business management. 

My program includes seven (7) detailed lessons with accompanying lesson worksheets spread out over the course of 4 weeks for best results.

I will also have a Facebook group classroom where students can ask questions, share ah-has and get real time support as they implement Sun sign specific strategies. 

As my student you will learn:

  • Why Energy Management Is Important

  • How to Decide What You Really Want

  • How to Be Honest About What You Don't Want

  • How to Set Loving and Gracious Boundaries With Yourself First

  • How to Create Policies + Sticking To Them

  • Where to Identify Your Time Stealers

  • How to Make Sure Your Rates Are Set Realistically

  • How To Say No (without guilt)

  • How to Use A Journal To Document Your Findings

Another thing I've decided to do is to offer a PAY WHAT YOU CAN OPTION. I want to make sure that regardless of your current financial situation you will be able to benefit from my work. 

Once you sign up for my class you will immediately get Lesson 1 delivered to your inbox. 

I've excited to offer this course and I can't wait for you learn more about yourself (through your Sun sign) while learning how to find balance and managing your energy. 

You can go HERE to sign up for the class (remember you get the first lesson immediately). 

If you have any questions about the Energy Management Course feel free to comment below and I'll answer your question ASAP.