New Moon In Leo - August 11, 2018

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The Solar Eclipse occurring on August 11th is our third one of the year, which makes this powerful New Moon a rare gift.

It offers new beginnings and new opportunities.

This summer has dealt a storm of astrological activity. This particular eclipse is conjunct Mercury Retrograde, which means you will be doing lots of reflecting and personal growth in whatever area of your life it’s affecting.

Consider this your bonus eclipse.

It’s your chance to create a wish list for your future. Remember to set your intentions.

august 11th solar Eclipse – AKA the inner child 

A Solar Eclipse is a powerful New Moon. It’s when the sky is at its darkest, when the energies are still brewing, and what is coming is still hidden. 

You have so much power during a New Moon. This is your chance to press the reset button and start fresh. As of this moment, what will unfold is all up to you.

There are a few interesting things going on with this Solar Eclipse, the most important being that it is conjunct Mercury RX which gives the event a childlike energy.

Therefore, let’s call this eclipse, “The Inner Child.” 

The entire sky is made up of retrograde energy, forcing you to look backward instead of forward. You’re remembering what was important to you as a child.

You’re contemplating those key values you’ve seemingly forgotten over time. When did you veer so far off track? 

A key player in this eclipse is Jupiter. He has been making you overextend yourself, spreading yourself into too many directions.

When you’re taking on too much at once, you’re only giving small pieces of yourself to each avenue. Now is the time to focus on one client, one project, or one purpose. It’s time to get back to what makes you passionate. 

This Solar Eclipse wants you to speak to your inner child. As a kid, what made you light up? What made you incredibly happy whether or not anyone was paying attention? These are the values you’re trying to rediscover. 

In a way, your past is your future.

July’s Lunar Eclipse cut out what needed to be let go. You’ve paid your karmic debt. Now you can figure out what makes you shine. Leo rules creativity, self-expression, leadership—all cornerstones of a successful business. 

Make your wishes. Become the starry-eyed child once more and remember what makes you happy.

This is how you find your path.

*** This eclipse will affect those who have a personal planet at 18° degrees of Leo as well as any planet that aspects this degree. Read your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon signs to receive a complete picture of how this New Moon’s energy will affect you.


All things related to self-expression and creativity are on your mind during this time, Aries.

You’ve been lost in workflow mode for too long, moving from one thing to the next in order to make ends meet. When was the last time you did something just for you?

It’s time to release your inner child. Allow your creativity to expand regardless of whether or not it fills your bank account. Invest in a passion project, something that feeds your soul. 

Affirmation: I easily express my creativity in a way that evokes both pleasure and inspiration. 



New beginnings are found in your comfort space, Taurus—on the home front. Your home life is affecting your career in a way that’s forcing you to consider a change.

All things related to your home, family members, and domestic life are being affected. You can no longer keep your feet firmly planted in the ground.

New opportunities await. 

Affirmation: My home gives me peace, security, and love. 


It is important to do your research, Gemini. The way you communicate is being lit up under this New Moon.

In the past, you may have worked in a scattered way, trying various techniques as they came to you. The Mercury Rx conjunction is reminding you to think before you speak.

Now is a good time to plant the seeds of marketing plans—but remember to make sure you’ve done your homework. 

Affirmation: I communicate the voice of my brand in an intelligent, successful way.



Good news, Cancer! Your new beginnings are being planted in your house of wealth and values. How much money are you earning?

Now is the time to focus on building new sources of revenue. You may find yourself reflecting on past mistakes, but don’t let them bring you down.

Learn from the past in order to draw wealth to your future. Ask the universe to bring you the right income streams.

Envision your perfect numbers. 

Affirmation: I am grateful to receive new sources of income.   



This eclipse a big deal for you, Leo, as it’s happening in your sign. New beginnings are happening in your first house, which rules the self.

This is about taking a new direction, stepping into bigger shoes, figuring out your role along your path to success.

It’s also a great time for makeovers or any change of appearance. After all, you’re the face of your business. What does that face look like? 

Affirmation: I am evolving in order to thrive and to find success as my authentic self.


This New Moon is asking you to listen to your intuition, Virgo. This is the time to let go of past mistakes and to do some reflecting.

You like to stay busy, but now is your chance to relax and recharge. Allow your mind to get quiet.

Old belief patterns will stand out, showing you where you need to make changes in order to achieve your goals. 

Affirmation: All negative patterns are falling away as I replace them with divine intention.


The start of a new collaborative effort may be taking place for you, Libra. This eclipse is shedding light on your network, friendships, and sense of community.

You may be considering projects that require lots of assistance. Take the time to really focus on whether or not you have the right tribe.

It’s important to have the right people supporting you.

Affirmation: The people in my life reinforce my ideals, goals, and visions for the future.


New beginnings are affecting your career house, Scorpio. You may be reflecting on your sense of purpose as well as your public persona.

Or maybe you’ve decided to do something completely different. If you find yourself headed in a new direction, don’t stop moving out of fear of the unknown.

Follow your soul’s calling. You’re creating your brand with every thought.

Affirmation: I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose.


This eclipse will bring the knowledge you need in order to grow your business, Sagittarius.

If you’ve been considering educational opportunities, now is the time to take them.

Whatever training or classes you need will influence your work in great ways. 

Affirmation: Knowledge is my gateway to a successful future.



New financial opportunities are being brought to you, Capricorn.

Now is the time to invest. Past methods may have failed you, but you have learned from the experience.

Now you can put that knowledge to use in order to make smart decisions. 

Affirmation: I am released from all debt and my income streams are growing.


You’ve been contemplating your relationships, Aquarius. This is the time to ask the universe for what you need. Perhaps it’s the perfect mentor, someone who will guide you to becoming a better business owner.

Or maybe it’s a solid client, someone you enjoy working with. Or it could be you would really like to join forces with a business partner.

If you’ve been burned in the past, this eclipse could be the start of a positive, successful relationship. Make sure to set your intentions.

Affirmation: I am attracting positive, influential people into my life who will help me on my journey to success.


New beginnings in terms of work, health, and service to others will come to light, Pisces. Your day to day routines are weighing on your mind. This is a great time to implement those changes you’ve been considering. 

Affirmation: My daily routines are peaceful and productive. 

And that's it!

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Sending you the best, 

Aliza Rose