Business Horoscopes for 2021


Zodiac Sun Signs Business Horoscopes for 2021

2021 astrology overview and business horoscopes for all 12 zodiac signs - The definitive guide to business trends for the mystical entrepreneur.

The year 2021 approaches, and we’re about to leave 2020 in the past -- a challenging year, but also one filled with learning experiences and chances to grow.

I’m sure you’re as ready to move on from it as I am, and chart a new course with what you’ve learned.

I want to share the latest business astrology intel for 2021. This definitive yearly guide will be organized as follows:

  1. Astrology overview for 2021 

  2. January through December 2021 breakdown

  3. Business horoscopes and advice for all 12 (twelve) zodiac signs / sun signs

Astrology overview for 2021 

The year starts off with Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius and by February 25, the conjunction widens which means the energies are less effective.

This is the Great Conjunction and this technically starts on December 21, 2020 but lasts for nearly two months. This is the great conjunction because you have two authority planets that are very different aligning.

We’re definitely in the Age of Aquarius. Let the sunshine in.

The Great Conjunction

As you know Jupiter is the planet that is about expansion, and Saturn is the planet about restrictions. When two planets that serve opposite purposes conjoin, you have intense energies happening.

This Great Conjunction happens every 20 years, as the last one happened during the 2000 election. 

This Great Conjunction is excellent for goal-setting as you have the powers from generous and expansive Jupiter while being influenced by Saturn’s disciplinary ways.

Therefore, if you want to make a New Year’s resolution to stick to, this time, it will actually work in your favor. But you have to put in the work.

If you want to expand your business in 2021, the opportunity for you is there, but you’ll have to work hard at it. 

Since this Great Conjunction is in Aquarius, you will be encouraged to give up old habits that have been holding you back.

And explore innovative ways to do it to increase your success. That is what will be a great influence towards you during the first few months of the year so make the best of it. 

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January 2021 Business Horoscope 

We start the year with another stellium in Capricorn, only this time it only involves the Sun, Mercury and Pluto.

A Mercury and Pluto conjunction signals a deep desire for change that we’ll be focused on, as well as the steady drive we’ll need to push forward despite the obstacles that will present themselves as Saturn forms a square with Mars.

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February 2021 Business Horoscope 

The first three weeks of February will be challenging and eventful for business, with the squares forming all month between the planets in Aquarius and Taurus.

The Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus square (which only happens once every 14 years and will be a big playing factor all through the year) will be a catalyst for change and will help us disconnect from whatever isn’t serving us in finance, business and authority figures.

Mercury’s retrograde from January 30th through February 21st will be helpful in re-doing and re-thinking, but not in setting things in motion.

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March 2021 Business Horoscope 

February saw some setbacks and challenges, but this month will be much smoother. This is the perfect time to grow your business and show your followers how important and appreciated they are. Mars enters Gemini, which will help us to move forward by means of communication and quick travel.


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April 2021 Business Horoscope 

Lots of harmonious aspects, signaling a great time for business for the first half of the month.

This will be a busy and productive time, but the latter part of April will see issues and roadblocks with social media and networking, with Mercury and Venus joining Uranus and squaring Saturn.

We most likely have things to sort out with people in authority over us.

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May 2021 Business Horoscope 

It might be hard to get positive attitudes from people during the beginning of the month, with a square between the Sun and Saturn, but everyone will be serious and all about putting in the work and getting things done.

Don’t rush into things -- slow and steady will win the race during this Taurus stellium. Keep in mind -- Mercury stations Rx on the 29th.


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June 2021 Business Horoscope 

Communication is very muddled, but now is the time to put Mercury Rx to work.

Now is the time for maintenance on any company equipment, take inventory, take your car to the shop for maintenance.

Find a way to pay it forward. Work behind the scenes on evergreen content.


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July 2021 Business Horoscope 

The first week of July will start out rough, with Mars in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius, and squaring Uranus in Taurus. It will be hard to take action and tough compromises will need to be made in group settings where creativity and finances are concerned. We now have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto retrograde.

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August 2021 Business Horoscope 

The first week of August will test your mettle, as you will need to get super stubborn to accomplish anything. Don’t take “No” for an answer. Do plenty of networking in circles that you normally wouldn’t.

Be bold with your marketing efforts -- boldness will be rewarded. Do something unexpected, but it has to make sense.

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September 2021 Business Horoscope 

Risk-taking at the beginning of this month is not advised, with the Mars/Neptune opposition. Level-headed negotiations and logic will keep our businesses strong.

Any kind of marketing you do this month will be supported, especially through humanitarianism and showing you care about people and the world you live in.

Keep in mind Mercury goes Rx on the 27th.

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October 2021 Business Horoscope 

The first half of October is a great time to collect feedback and share the happy testimonies from your past clients. Show some love for your clients and business partners, and network.

Despite the Mercury Rx up until the 18th, all the planets in Libra support this, as well as the harmonious aspects to Venus. Just be very clear and check for typos.

The square between Mars and Pluto at the end of the month could signal issues with competitors or authorities -- keep a cool head, be respectful and diplomatic.

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November 2021 Business Horoscope 

Take what you’ve learned while Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury were Rx and apply your newfound wisdom to growing your business.

You’ll be able to focus your energy on work of all kinds and make leaps forward, especially now that we’re re-entering the busy season.

A rebrand of any kind might be necessary, and very successful if you make changes now.


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December 2021 Business Horoscope 

You have the fire to take action and be impulsive, but funnel this energy through plenty of proper planning and strategy.

Loads of great opportunities will open up this month through well-directed courageous actions and looking out for others.

The Uranus/Saturn square will see us losing false friends and partners when their true colors show -- send them off in peace. Find a way to balance stability with excitement.

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How will my 2021 be? 

Let’s see how the year appears for each of the signs. 

2021 Business Horoscope Aries 

Aries, your dates are from March 21 to April 20, and you are symbolized by the ram. Your motto is I am, and your Aries personality is described as bold, energetic, and independent. 

Expect to face a lot of changes in 2021 as the planets Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are having a huge effect on you, especially.

They will have the most influence on you during the spring equinox and winter solstice. 

As far as your career situation goes, you'll be quite busy with your work or business.

You may even find that you will be a lot more productive than you were in the past which will only fuel your motivation which naturally comes to you even more.

And if you are working, you will get along great with your boss in the earlier part of the year and if you play your cards right, you could even receive a promotion. 

If you are not working for yourself, the second half of the year, you may be inclined to turn your hobbies into a business as well.

Or you may just create a separate side hustle if you already have a business of your own.

However, just beware of several things. The money will come in, but you may get carried away and your spending habits could be problematic if it gets out of control.

You are also at risk for burnout and this is why during your most productive days, you want to find the balance to relax and wind down. 

You can say that 2021 is going to be a very busy year and the ideal thing to do is to set a schedule for the time for yourself to unwind so you don't end up burning out in the end. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Taurus

Taurus, your dates are from April 20 to May 20, and you are symbolized by the bull. Your motto is I have, and Taurus personality is described as tenacious, stable, and having a love and appreciation for the material world.

You won't find that too much will change and that will make you feel more secure and happy for the first part of 2021.

In fact, you will start off with a lot of motivation during the first week of the year as Mars finally enters your sign in early January.

Perhaps if you did gain extra holiday weight, you will be motivated to take it off and mean it. But that isn't just that. Your workload for you will increase during that time as it will keep you busy and it will be steady for a while.

In fact, there will be business-related decisions you will need to make as well but be careful not to do so at the end of January, and February as Mercury is due to go into retrograde then. The same goes for June and the end of September. 

However, you will find that during the spring that you will need some alone time to work independently as your sign's ruler heads into Aries in April.

If you are finding yourself somewhat distant, don't worry too much about it as you need that independent time to figure things out.

One of those focuses for the year as well as saving money and investing it in fruitful investments that will help your money expand. 

Remember that Uranus is still in your sign so whatever you do, be true and be kind, and you may even get involved in charities. This is a karmic period for you which has been for years. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Gemini

Gemini, your dates are from May 21 to June 20, and you are symbolized by the twins.

Your motto is I think, and your Gemini personality is described as communicative, social, and busy. Gemini, you have personal business-related goals.

However, the way you present yourself is what you need to worry about. Venus and Mars will both support your relationships this year.

Keep in mind, however, if you get into conflicts with others which can be likely to happen throughout the year, you will attract more aggravation than you would have bargained for. 

Focus on being diplomatic with any of your dealings as you are going to likely be facing tension at times with others. Be truthful and be honest as Jupiter will be there to help you succeed.

And at the same time, Saturn will help you remain grounded so you can focus on your goals. 

The other thing you can do is visualize your goals and your projects as both Jupiter and Saturn will help you with that. Make your business goals big but keep them realistic at the same time.

And the other thing that Saturn will help you with as well as creating a plan of action that is concrete. If you don't end up creating one, then you won't attain those business goals that you want.

If you are uncertain of what your business goals are right now, don't worry. At the end of February, you will get that big ah-ha moment when Jupiter trines the north node.

If you have a business vision in place already, then you will be adding to it then. 

Gemini, what happens to you in 2021 as far as your business goes is in your hands. Be honest, be diplomatic, have a clear vision, and a plan of action that you will follow.

And things will work out in your favor. It can be a great money year for you as well if you follow through. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Cancer

Cancer, your dates are from June 21 to July 21, and you are symbolized by the crab. Your motto is I feel, and your Cancer personality is described as nurturing, emotional, and caring.

Expect to do a lot of socializing in 2021 as you will be building new networks and contacts. These contacts will help you make important business decisions for your future that will go beyond 2021.

A bonus from that, you will end up making some strong friendships as well. 

At the same token, don’t be surprised if old contacts and friends move away from you in 2021. The influences of Mars, as well as Jupiter, will help you become successful in areas where you weren’t in the past.

And Mars and Venus’ influences will also help you make those very strong connections. 

Don’t let any outside forces have any impact on your success as you may find that during the eclipses in June and July it could be a challenge to you.

Stick to your guns and rely on your new connections to prevent you from getting distracted. The potential for you to succeed is very strong by making the right connections in 2021. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Leo

Leo, your dates are from July 22 to August 22, and you are symbolized by the lion. Your motto is I want, and your Leo personality is described as bold, confident, and loving the spotlight.

Leo, 2021 is your professional year as you will be highly focused on your business and career. And you will receive the right type of professional encouragement that you need.

This will help you keep an eye on your prizes as it fuels your ambitions. 

If you are a business owner, then expect to have your business growing in 2021, and your profits increasing as well.

If you are not a business owner, then expect to see a promotion at any time of year happen for you. 

However, even though you have the support to increase your earnings by getting more clientele or having a promotion, there will be challenges as well.

Challenging aspects will affect your relationships and friendships and this is why you have to be extra careful with any type of social interaction.

You could find yourself having conflicts that won’t affect your professional life. But they will have an effect on your personal life. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Virgo

Virgo, your dates are from August 23 to September 22, and you are symbolized by the virgin.

Your motto is I scrutinize, and your Virgo personality is described as analytical, service and work-oriented, and health-conscious.

Virgo, the energies you will face in 2021 are that you will need to go by your wisdom when it comes to making important decisions that have to do with money and business.

This means it is fine to get advice, but don’t allow your decisions to be based on what others say. Don’t ignore your inner wisdom. You will realize that you have the answers yourself. 

Be cautious at the end of January, and February as Mercury is due to go into retrograde then. The same goes for June and the end of September as you will be heavily affected by retrograding Mercury.

Be sure to examine and evaluate your thoughts carefully. However, planetary aspects, for the most part, will be supportive for you to attain realistic goals.

Even though you should never put a cap on your career or business goals, it is unlikely you will end up making it big this year.

The lesson is to accept things for how they are and not to strive for anything that is too large. You will be financially comfortable, however. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Libra

Libra, your dates are from September 23 to October 22, and you are symbolized by the scales. Your motto is I balance, and your Libra personality is described as fair, mediating, and social.

Business and career changes will not be the heaviest aspect of 2021 for you. However, that does not mean you cannot achieve more money and greater things in regards to business and money.

In fact, you can achieve anything you wish for as long as you make some healthy changes and change some habits that could have been holding you back. 

With the help of Saturn and Jupiter, your goals can be achieved in 2021 and the trick is you have to focus on them.

If you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle and you feel that it has been hindering your success, this is the year to change those. Start reducing sugar in your diet and add an exercise regimen to your routine.

If you do that, in addition to changing your social circles around which will be supported by Venus and Jupiter, you’ll see that your finances and business will improve.


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2021 Business Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio, your dates are from October 23 to November 21, and you are symbolized by the scorpion. Your motto is I wish, and your Scorpio personality is described as intense, passionate, and mysterious.

For you Scorpio, 2021 will be a productive year for you. You will be able to execute and launch your projects but only do so with the help of a few contacts you have that you know you can trust. 

During the middle of the year, from June to August, you will find that several opportunities will come your way. It can be through the form of joint venture opportunities or side hustles you can do.

However, just beware of keeping tabs on your expenses as you don’t want to take on more than you can financially support.

And be careful as well with overexertion as you may find it difficult to get downtime since you will be busy and hectic. Especially during the middle of the year. 

You will also have a great opportunity in 2021 to connect with your friends better, as well as those who you are close to. Mercury and Venus will support you with that. This can help with your close business contacts as well.

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2021 Business Horoscope Sagittarius

Sagittarius, your dates are from November 22 to December 21, and you are symbolized by the centaur. Your motto is I see, and your Sagittarius personality is described as optimistic, adventurous, and spiritual.

You will find that in 2021 that Jupiter may make you even more adventurous, but Saturn’s effect on you will also be sobering as you will be grounded by its energies.

In fact, you will find that Saturn’s energies will put a limit on your imagination. It is not going to try to rob you of it.

However, Saturn’s job is to help you make realistic goals when it comes to new ventures you want to explore. And there will be plenty of opportunities to get into new business ventures with the help of close business contacts.

You may even create a joint venture with a trusted friend who thinks the same way as you. 

Saturn’s effects will also cause you to get into much better physical health and help you implement exercise and yoga into your routine.

You will need the best health in order to succeed with any of your new ventures that you may get yourself involved within 2021. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Capricorn

Capricorn, your dates are from December 22 to January 20, and you are symbolized by the sea goat. Your motto is I use, and your Capricorn personality is described as responsible, driven, and structural.

In 2021, you will find that you will have many responsibilities that pertain to your work and your family.

In fact, your responsibility towards your family can easily drain your funds as well as your vitality. Be careful with that. 

However, you just need to think outside of the box on how to get through it the best you can. Budgeting is something you need to implement a lot next year.

This is something that comes naturally to you to begin with. However, you will want to look into utilizing relaxation techniques and wind down by going for new hobbies. 

Just know that Mars has your back this year and will help you keep up with the responsibilities you have. Work will also keep you busy as you will have many projects to keep up with.

But that is what you need as you need the income that comes along with that. Be prepared for a very busy year. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Aquarius

Aquarius, your dates are from January 21 to February 19, and you are symbolized by the water bearer.

Your motto is I know, and your Aquarius personality is described as unique, independent, and innovative.

You will find that in 2021 old projects and ventures will come to a close, and brand new ones will begin. 

If you have any large goals to attain in this upcoming year, then you want to make sure that you are an expert at what you want to succeed at.

This means you must commit to putting in plenty of hard work and taking some courses to upgrade your skills in order to become successful at what you want to do.

At the same token, it is important that you schedule in time for R&R as you will easily burn out otherwise. 

Therefore, 2021 can be a very successful year for you as long as you do the work that is required to achieve that. 

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2021 Business Horoscope Pisces

Pisces, your dates are from February 20 to March 20, and you are symbolized by the fish.

Your motto is I believe, and your Pisces personality is described as intuitive, empathetic, and sensitive. There is potential to make this coming year a successful one.

You want to focus on being diplomatic as well as maintaining relationships that are cordial with your colleagues.

During February when Mercury goes into retrograde there may be times when you may struggle as your feelings can easily get hurt. 

The best way to combat this is to focus on your new ventures as there will be opportunities for new openings. That will be offered by Jupiter and Mars will give you a helping hand when it comes to you successfully completing projects.

Remember that you may have to rely on the help of those who you work with but don’t necessarily get on with. This is why again it is important to focus on keeping your relationships civil. Focus on using your intuition and instincts to attain your success and any other goal for 2021. 

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Final Thoughts for 2021 and beyond

So, these are my insights, advice, and horoscopes for 2021. Let 2021 be a year of recovery and no-regrets. If you need personalized advice specific to your business situation I offer private consultations in my Ultimate Business Reading service. Learn more here. 

Zodiac Sun Signs Business Horoscopes for 2021


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