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Business Mystic Mentoring

The ultimate experience in discovering how to unleash your inner mystic unto the world (or maybe just in your business). These 6 or 12 month mentorships are sacred and life-changing. You'll learn how to bring your magic into your money-making ventures. Whether you're a novice just starting to explore your mystic side or if you're advanced and needing a next level challenge in your spiritual growth and business stage, each mentorship is custom tailored to each mentee. 

What's in the cards:

Each mentorship is custom tailored to you and your dreamy ambitions. 

+ Every mentorship begins with a Deep Dive session. Part intuitive probing and part strategizing, we go deep and figure out how to align your current business with the one you want. We look into your astro chart (natal chart) see what undiscovered gems you already have in your back pocket. We'll also throw down the cards in your very own Business Mystic reading to see in-depth what lies ahead of you as well what's been keeping behind.