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Are you willing to take the next step towards your high hopes in the next 90 days?

Do you desire to build a 6-figure business by doing less, not more?

Because if you are, then my  "From Employee to Empress" 90-day private coaching program is right for you. 

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I work with a few entrepreneurs every year to help them make more profit, be more organized, and happy in their businesses. 

If you're feeling:

+ a strong desire to "clean up" your business

+ a sense to deeply understand yourself better through astrology

+ a lack of patience or an "over it" attitude with pop astrology

+ a nagging feeling to stop working yourself to death in your business and live your life

+ a willingness to be happy or content with your business (no more burn out)

+ a frustration in lo longer doing the same old, same old because the same old outcomes just aren't it - anymore

🔥  The good news is these are all signs of you're ready to take on the next level in your business. 

😓  The bad news is most of you will feel too afraid or complacent to take the next step. 

Why? Because change is scary.

Especially, when you deeply desire changes to your circumstances. 

It is human nature and it's normal. 

There's also that insidious 😈  self-sabotaging program that plays in the back of your mind that tells you:

"Don't get your hopes up. Don't get high hopes. You know you'll never change." 

🤔  But here's the thing I want you to think about...

If you didn't get your hopes up, you would have never:

+ started your business

+ fall in love

+ go for that big leap

+ take that one small step

+ put out your first offer or raise your prices

Soul Aligned It's Yours Already

Yet you DID all the things...IN SPITE of the fear. 

So, what are your high hopes now? ❤️

+ Getting your business systems and automations in order?

+ Launching your high-end offer?

+ Raising your prices?

+ Starting a membership?

+ Just being happy and NOT burned out by your business?

So, here's my question to you: 

Are you willing to take the next step towards your high hopes in the next 90 days?

Because if you are, then my "From Employee to Empress" 90-day private coaching program is right for you. 

My 90-day private coaching is designed to move you from being an employee of your business, trapped under the weight of unrealistic deadlines and working yourself into death.

To owning your status as THE CEO / Empress of Your Entrepreneurial Empire and seriously building a business that was MADE for you. 


Let me show you how to reach 6-figures and beyond by doing LESS not MORE in your business.

If you desire personalized business coaching & astrology advice tailored to you, then 👉  APPLY TODAY.

The 🌟 "From Employee to Empress" 90-Day Coaching Program gives you:

+ A structured yet flexible container to work on your big goals or unfinished projects in 90-days

+ 6 one hour calls (bi-weekly / fortnight)

Generous Voxer access (ask all the questions and requests for confirmations you need, anytime, during normal business hours)

Email support (for reviewing any documents, sales pages, or if you just prefer email)

You'll receive support, in-depth guidance, and strategic biz advice based on:

+ your personal astrology chart

+ your current business model

+ your current marketing / sales journey

Everything is personalized to YOU.


I bet you're wondering the cost...well here it is: 

The investment is $4,500 USD.

🌈  I offer flexible 3 or 6 month payment plans to those who are accepted. 

Pay In Full Incentives (over $2,000 worth) 👑  : 

Accepted clients who pay IN FULL will receive an Ultimate Business Reading (my most popular offer, valued at $750) .


Apply today. Coaching spots are limited.

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