The Situational Reading - Private Reading

The Situational Reading - Private Reading


Sometimes, you have a crisis or dumpster fire happening and you need help NOW. For that, I offer The Situational Reading. Because, (you know) you’ve got a situation going on and you need help F-A-S-T.

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What's the situation?

Sometimes, 60 minutes is not enough to cover what’s going on in your universe.

For that, I offer The Situational Reading. Because usually, (you know) you’ve got a situation on your hands and you need help fast. The Situational Reading allows you to go hog wild and explain your situation to me in FULL detail.

The Situational Reading usually involves a story (your situation), some complex characters, and a lot of moving parts.

What's the difference between the Situational Reading and my 1 - Hour Reading? Well, time and urgency.

My 1 - Hour Reading typically needs to be scheduled out a few weeks to a month in advance. The Situational Reading is when you need help ASAP. If you have a situation and the matter is urgent, you typically get booked within 24 - 48 hours (barring Sundays, holidays, and previously booked out time).

The Situational Reading came from a need where my clients who were in the throes of a crisis or difficult transition and needed all aspects looked at. If you like to know everything there is to know about something (and you need it FAST), then the Situational Reading is perfect for you.

Once you book your reading, you’ll receive your in-depth pre-reading questionnaire where you can give me all the details you need to me know about your situation. The questionnaire will also include a section for all the questions you want me to look at. There's no limit to how many questions you can ask in the Situational Reading. Spill your guts out as they say.

What happens next?

Once you make you complete your questionnaire form and make your payment, I will email you to make arrangements for us to schedule your reading. Your private reading will take place live and over the phone. Please be ready to block out 90-minutes for your session.

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A little love from me to you

No two readings are alike but every purchased reading will have a dressed and blessed petition / intention / prayer tea candle burned on my personal altar for extra ju-ju.

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Questions? Not sure if this is the right service for you? Email me at for assistance. I'll be happy to guide you to the right service that best fits your situation or need.