You’re reading this because you know you’re destined for more.

There’s so much more to you & what you’re here to do than what you’re currently showing the world. Stop doing the“shoulds” and start following your true desires to make more money! 

Your dream clients are looking for you


Here’s the deal: Online business owners are a dime-a-dozen these days. Everybody wants to be their own boss, manage their own time & schedule and work in their coziest leggings.

But if you’re stopping yourself from saying what you truly want to say, or struggling with how to show value in what you do, you’ll wind up blending in instead of standing out–which is basically a death wish for your business.

And actually, it’s not just your business that suffers.

Because not only does blending in mean missing out on opportunities, clients and clout…it also means your confidence will take a major dip.

Because who wants to be “just another” online entrepreneur? (Hello? I’m guessing not you!)

The truth is that to make meaningful connections & cash online, you have to know how you create impact and how to say meaningful things.

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real talk

If you're not seeing the results you want, it's likely because of problems with your messaging or offers.


You procrastinate on #allthethings, from emailing your list to following-up with leads who CLEARLY expressed a desire to work with you

– You think you have your message nailed down, but you're still fuzzy on what exactly it is you do

– You’ve never actually defined your message because you didn’t feel like you needed to…until you realized fellow niche-mates or competitors were killing it with sales and exposure...and now you're panicking

– You recognize that the content, creators & leaders you’re drawn to have a certain interesting spark (and damn it, you want some of that, too!)

– You create okay-ish content for your business, but you really want your content to connect with others in a deep way and, of course, to also inspire them to reach out to you to work together

– You notice yourself regurgitating information you learned from someone else while *conveniently* leaving out your own unique spin, due to fear of being called out as “wrong” or “stupid”

– You see lots of other coaches and creatives living out their purposes but you sometimes doubt that it’s even possible for you

– And maybe worst of all, you’re slowly growing resentful of your clients, hate almost everything you offer and literally cringe when you get a new inquiry or Discovery call booking

If you know you’re meant for bigger things and yet you’re burning out or feeling discouraged instead of glowing up (or at least growing your business)…

And if you know your soul is calling you to a deeper purpose, but you just can’t see how you can go from here to there…

you're in the right place

And, guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Trust me when I say: You CAN get into alignment with your purpose, step into your true calling and start making more money with incredible ease, starting…right now.

Whether your branding language is too watered down or unspecific, or your offers simply don't align with what you enjoy doing or overlook your ideal client’s needs - there's an easy fix.

Let's work together in a VIP Day on your business.  

We'll dig into the details of who you're serving, what you offer them, and how to communicate it all in a way that resonates. 

We'll uncover areas for improvement in your messaging or offers so that when you implement the new marketing strategies, you can finally start to see results. 


Who Is My VIP Day For?


 Know without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt what your TRUE message is and the HEART of the work you’re here to do  

The VIP Day will help you crystallize your messaging, so you'll know what to say to your DREAM CLIENTS every single time without fail. 

Create heart-tugging content in half the time –content that cuts through the noise, abolishes the “algorithm’s” vendetta against you AND eases the ache of crappy email open rates, low engagement and no or low sales

The VIP Day will help you use ALL those Canva and caption templates you've been hoarding. No more feeling discouraged when thinking about your marketing. 

 Love your products and services so much you can’t stop talking about them (and others are gobbling them up!)

The VIP Day will help make your PROMOTING easy, authentic, and stress-free.

 Get crystal-clear on exactly what’s draining you in your current business model–and then release it (or transmute it), for good 

The VIP Day will help you fall back IN LOVE with your business and what you do.


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How It Works VIP Day

Diving into the details of the VIP Day

Here's what's included in your VIP Day


Before we meet, I stalk your business universe and also run your personal astrology chart using my Celestial Cashflow Framework.


Based on my assessment and what your goals are, we'll come up with a custom strategy on how to align your goals with your big vision.  


We'll work on your messaging, so it's so juicy and on point. Or we'll tweak your offers, so they're soul-aligned AND profitable. 


We'll create a simple action plan that prioritizes income or lead generation without packing your schedule with nonsense tasks. No more busywork or stress.


We'll end your VIP Day with an overview of your action plan, and we'll celebrate the magic we've created along the way. 


$450 deposit to hold your day / $2,100 total 

I offer payment plans and a sweet 20% discount if you pay in full.

Let me help you make your dreams come true! Investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make, and I am here to guide, support and hold space with you as you take your business to the next level. 


Here's Exactly What You'll Walk Away With

VIP Day goodies and deliverables


 Crystal clear messaging copy that you will use as a magnet to ATTRACT your "happy to pay you" clients

 Soul-aligned offers that you ACTUALLY enjoy talking about (aka: no more awkward or anxious feelings about selling)

◇ You'll know EXACTLY how to show the value of what you offer to your clients 

 You'll receive a custom Playbook that gives you:

  • A recap of our time together, including key takeaways
  • Action steps (aka: what to do now to continue seeing results)
  • Links to the recordings 
  • Additional resources
  • Options for additional support

 You'll feel like a badass for taking care of yourself and your business


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Extra bonuses


 You'll receive a copy of your Celestial Cashflow Profile Snapshot (value: $1,000)

Your Celestial Cashflow Profile identifies:

  • your purpose
  • your CEO style
  • your best "get sh*t done" approach
  • how to grow your influence
  • your biggest self-sabotaging challenge and how to overcome it

 You'll receive a copy of your Profit Pathway Snapshot (value: $1,000)

Your Profit Pathway shows you how you deliver value to your clients so you no longer second guess your pricing or your worth 

 You'll receive 30 Days of Voxer Support (value: $2,500)  

This is where the real transformation begins. You'll get 30 days of direct access to me via Voxer, so you can have all your questions answered and stay on track with what you learned during your VIP Day. 



Meet Your Guide

I'm Aliza Rose

I can help you because I've been there. 

Using my astrology-based framework, I've also helped thousands of women stop resisting the breakthrough that's just around the corner. 

Through the honest, powerful conversations I have with my clients, we uncover and release those core blocks that have been holding them back from their own success. 

I am here to help you unlock the magic of your potential so that you can step into a confident version of yourself and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Together, let's create lasting transformation and manifest your destiny. 

Are you ready to begin? Let's get started!

Aliza Rose1


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't covered, please feel free to reach out by emailing me at 

The VIP Day will benefit anyone who wants to use real-world application of their personal astrology to their business.

It’s especially useful for entrepreneurs, online business owners, and anyone who wants to generate more leads, sales and repeat customers using their online and offline presence.

These VIP Days work well for launching a new business, rebranding or improving the performance of an existing one. It also increases visibility and ease of marketing a business to attract and serve more clients. 

After I receive your application, I will personally review it and reach out.

If we're a good match, I'll send you information to make your deposit payment and your booking link for your VIP Day.

If we're not a good match, I'll still reach out and give you recommendations on who might be a better fit.

The VIP Day lasts 4 hours and includes a 30-minute break.

Before we meet, I spend about 1–2 hours doing prework on your business: I run your astrology chart and do an assessment on your offers, website, and social media presence.

After your VIP Day, you will also receive 30-days of Voxer support to help you implement your custom strategy & suggestions from our day together. 

You pay a onetime fee of $1750 for your VIP Day.

You have the option to pay in full (you get a 20% discount if you choose this option) or put a $450 deposit to hold your day and make payments before your VIP date with no additional admin fees or interest.

I've partnered with Stripe to process all payments for your convenience. 

Due to the limited availability, there are no refunds or cancellations once you book your VIP Day.

Once you book your date, you are essentially taking that spot from another business owner to book.

So, please double-check your availability and ability to commit (financially and schedule-wise) before you book.

If you have questions about this, please feel free to email for assistance before applying.

I will only need your birthdate (month, day, year), your birth time (00:00 am / pm) and your birth location (city, state / province, country) to run your birth chart.

Unfortunately, at this time, I will not be providing a custom copy. But you will receive a snapshot of your Celestial Cashflow Profile if you have not received one before.

To be fair (and clear), my offerings are meant to serve business owners who know enough about their personal astrology to be dangerous.

They need direct, "here's what you need to do" information based not only on astrology but current, best business practices.

That said, the VIP DAY WILL help you IF:

  • You're open to a modern and business-focused application of astrology based on your natal chart and through the process of my Celestial Cashflow Framework.
  • You understand, I will not go outside my Framework in terms of analysis or interpretation (aka: I will not discuss your T-squares, what's going on with Chiron, or answers questions about that one sign that's conjunct that one planet in that one house).
  • If you're looking for horary / electional / synastry consults, or what location is best for you to be your happiest / fall in love / get pregnant or move to....this is NOT the offer for you. I am not the right astrologer, magic 8-ball, spiritual coach for you. Please support another astrologer.
  • You understand and accept that I primarily practice Western Astrology (not Vedic or Chinese) and exclusively use the Placidus House System.
  • You legitimately want to find that balance between integrating your personal astrology into your business, marketing, branding, sales, and income strategies.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please feel free to reach out to so we can answer any clarifying questions.

100% Clarification Guarantee


Making changes and stepping into your power can come with questions. That's why I offer this guarantee PLUS 30 days of Voxer support after your VIP Day. 

The 100% Clarification Guarantee Includes:

  • "No Shame In Asking" Policy - if something doesn't make sense or doesn't feel solid to YOU, feel free to ask as many clarifying questions as needed.
  • "No Stupid Questions" Pledge - if something doesn't seem clear, feel free to ask in detail for clarification.
  • "No Worries" Promise - if something is making you worry, giving you self-doubt or causing you to second guess yourself, feel free to Voxer me and ask for help.

I want you to feel comfortable, confident, secure, and solid as you move forward with your personalized step-by-step plan.


It’s Time to Get Your Message On Point & Start Getting Paid Gorgeously


Join me for this VIP experience and you'll no longer: 

→ Wonder what your purpose is or how you deliver impact to your clients

→ Waste your time, energy or cash on efforts that don't move you forward or make you money

→ Struggle with creating offers or content that your ideal customers really want to see from you

→ Hide your authentic self on social media or limit your influence 

→ Stop yourself from being as successful as you want to be