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12th House Sign & Why You're Struggling With Sales

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Hey everyone, it's Aliza Rose!

In this video, I delve into the concept of the 12th house and how it can impact your business and personal life.

I discuss the misconceptions surrounding this house and its historical significance.

By understanding your 12th house, you can uncover hidden aspects of yourself and overcome selling struggles.

I provide examples for different zodiac signs and offer practical tips to improve your marketing and selling techniques.

Watch this video to gain insights and enhance your selling process!

Read more about your 12th House sign here: https://www.thebusiness-mystic.com/.../12th-house-sign...


00:00 Introduction
02:23 The 12th House: History and Misconceptions
04:04 Understanding Your Personal 12th House
05:23Leo on the 12th House Cusp (Example)
05:36 Libra on the 12th House Cusp (Example)
07:50 Overcoming Selling Struggles
08:47 The Importance of Marketing
11:38 Conclusion

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