Stop Calling Yourself Lazy

Stop Calling Yourself Lazy

Hey there! In this video, I want to address a common misconception about being a lazy entrepreneur.

I've noticed that many business owners, especially those with earth sign characteristics, tend to label themselves as lazy.

But here's the thing, it's not about laziness at all.

It's about understanding the importance of rest and finding balance in our busy lives.

I'll debunk the lazy entrepreneur myth and share insights on how to manage expectations, embrace rest, and prioritize what truly matters.

So, let's dive in and challenge the notion of laziness together.


00:00 Introduction
04:52 The Lazy Entrepreneur Myth
09:09 The Influence of Overachievers 
11:53 Whose Business You Want
14:37 The Wisdom of Mother Nature
18:16 Stop Calling Yourself Lazy
20:47 The Vision Struggle
22:50 The Importance of Rest

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