Accepting Who You Are In Business


Have you ever felt like you were just out of step with your true potential in your business because you felt you needed to be someone else to succeed or be seen?

I recently felt that very keenly in my business until I had a few conversations with some close confidants.

One in particularly really stood out.

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We were discussing my business goals for the year, and she pointed out how I get a satisfaction out of seeing my clients succeed in their businesses with my help.

Not necessarily me succeeding in my own business, but seeing others do.

It was then that I realized and started to accept that I never really wanted to be a “king” rather I’m much more comfortable being a kingmaker instead.


My strength and secret power was in my gifts of insight, foresight, and advice.

In a nutshell…I’d rather be the wise old sage advising a king than being the king themselves.

This revelation was huge for me because it released a huge weight off my shoulders.

I didn’t need to be this larger than life leader or boss babe queen bitch person in my business.

I could just be the adviser and guide to those who were in those positions.

It also helped me feel at peace that just because I was taking an active role in being a supporter or behind-the-scenes person, it didn’t mean that I was less ambitious or driven than someone who was comfortable being in the spotlight as the leader / boss ruler person.

This was freeing because it led to me adjusting how I market and the energy of me showing up in my spaces.

When you accept who you are in your business, whether you’re a supporter, influencer, guide, or the boss ruler, it frees you to show up as you are and thus directly translates to your ability to market and make money.

So what’s the lesson, Aliza Rose? Here’s the lesson:

1. If you’re aware of who you are in your business, then own it. Give yourself permission to be the person you’re supposed and meant to be.

2. If you're struggling with figuring out who you are in your business, reflect on the roles that you felt most like yourself in your business. Be it as a supporter, an influencer or connector, a guide, or as a larger than life leader. 

3. Lastly, pretending only hurts profits. So be real and authentic. Be aligned so abundance flows easily your way.

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