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Most of you don't know this but before I stepped out as The Business Mystic, I specialized in copywriting and marketing campaigns for a lot of solopreneurs (mostly coaches) and online businesses (product or service based). 

I always found it fascinating how weaving the right words together could produce profitable and successful results. So, today I'm going to share a tip on how you can kill it with your copy and integrate your elemental aspect (based on your Sun sign) so it CONNECTS with your peeps. Because fundamentally your sign sign is where your magic / genius lives. 


🔥 Fire signs: 

You need to try to describe the milestones your ideal client typically encounters during their journey. Sometimes when you write your copy, you only think about the ACTIONS your clients have to take. But its important to also think about the emotional journey as well.

For example, if you’re a business coach, one milestone might be your client getting that first sale. Also, don’t focus on just the good milestones. You’ll also want to consider the setbacks or challenges your clients may face as well! For example, a setback might be not growing their following as fast as they hoped for. 

🍂 Earth signs: 

You need to understand your ideal clients objections to working with you. You’re very good at doing what you do but when you write your copy you need to understand their objections, so you can offer solutions (more benefits focused than just features).

Keep in mind that your solutions don’t always have to be complex. You might simply tell clients that the first coaching session is all about coming in and getting comfortable with how you’ll help them, no crazy changes required.

💦 Water signs: 

You need to be specific about your ideal clients fears, frustrations, and feelings. Remember, to tap into your intuition. Think about what their desired end result would look AND feel like for them as you write your copy. Understanding your client is the first step toward creating more compelling copy. 

For example, if you help overwhelmed working moms find time for self-care, then the end result might be less stress, more time to actually take care of themselves (working out, reading a book, alone time).

☁️ Air signs:

You need to describe why you’re qualified as a professional (education) and as a person (experience). Sometimes you forget HOW MUCH you really know! So, when writing your copy think about how you’re uniquely qualified to help your potential clients.

You’ll want to offer proof of your qualifications in the form of either education (diplomas, certifications, degrees) or experience (testimonials, social proof, endorsements). These qualifications can be placed on the ‘home’ or ‘about’ page on your website and blog. 


Next steps:

  1. Start applying these tips to your social media posts, then apply them to your salespages and “Work with me” pages.

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let me know in the comments below:

Do these AstroBiz tips make copywriting seem less hard to do?

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