Taurus As Entrepreneurs



Hey, Taurus! Creating and building businesses comes naturally to you.

Taurus rules the second House of Values, which correlates with matters of material possessions, wealth, income revenues, and even physical structures.

This makes it easier for you to recognize the value in available resources and use them to your advantage.

But for all your thoroughness and precision, you do have your weaknesses. If you’re having a hard time rising to the top, here are a few things you can do to achieve success: 




Adapt to Innovation

Taurus’s earthy energy combined with Venus’s creativity gives you an edge the rest of the zodiac can’t compete with. You understand successful empires are built on strong, solid foundations, and you don’t mind taking your time to ensure every brick is laid with the utmost care and precision.

When you’re faced with possible changes, ask yourself if those changes will still meet the goals of your business. Always keep the bigger picture in mind. This will help you keep up with the best of today’s entrepreneurs. 


Use Your Venus

Let’s be honest. You’re probably not the most verbose speaker, practicality is a trait you admire, and your focus is usually on the bottom line. These traits often give Taurus the unworthy reputation of being a bit, ahem, boring.

This is truly unfair because while you do prefer simplicity, you also have an eye for beauty and design. Allow your Venusian influence to take over and amp up your creativity.


Don’t Micro-manage. Don’t Be Stubborn.

While your Venusian influence is mostly helpful, she can also give you ideals that are hard to shake. When you get stuck on wanting your projects to be exactly how you imagined them, you have the tendency to take on responsibilities that should have been delegated.

Remember to give your employees the space they deserve. You hired them for a reason! Let them prove that team effort can be beneficial for everyone. 




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