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Scorpios As Entrepreneurs



Hey, Scorpio -- you truly have the strength of the scorpion at your fingertips.

When you apply those impressive negotiating skills, combined with your ambition and natural intuition, any challenge in the business world is likely to come to an end soon.

With a few helpful tips based on your strong sign, success will be just around the corner!

Channel your inner resilience and focus on bringing that same tenacity to your work.

Read on to discover how to make the MOST of your Scorpio nature.



Practice Detached Mindfulness

You’re very a very passionate and ambitious person with a strong desire to be great and to do great things.

The keyword for your sign is “I desire”, and this is the basis of your strong personality.

This strong desire to be the best can also be your enemy because it can take you over and cause you to obsess over things, which isn’t exactly healthy.

Detached Mindfulness is the practice of letting go of your expectations and taking a step back from what’s going on around you. 

This doesn’t mean not caring or giving up, it simply means you can make peace with anything that doesn’t go your way because you’re freeing yourself from expectations of the outcome.

Keep Your Mentors Close

As a Scorpio, you know that it pays off to be independent and able to make decisions on your own; however, no matter how wise and self-sufficient you are, having someone experienced in the same situation can be unbelievably helpful.

You always want the best for yourself - and that's why it's important to stay close to your mentors.

Don't hesitate leaning on their experience and intelligence when you need guidance or just another point of view that helps gain some clarity.

Not only will their invaluable advice allow you to keep going towards success, but surrounding yourself with positive people who lift you up is invaluable in itself.

So turn towards your mentors for support!


Be Transparent

As an ambitious and highly-driven fixed water sign, you might be more reticent to letting others peek behind the curtain of your business than they may want.

However, there is a sweet spot between ferreting away all of your secrets and oversharing – transparently divulging select information while still remaining mindful of what needs to stay confidential is a great way to build both loyalty and trust with your customers.

People love the feeling of being ‘in the know’ - giving them little snippets of insight into how you work will make them feel even more connected to your brand and make for a powerful bond that can’t be broken!

Being honest and open about what goes on behind the scenes in your business builds trust and lends a tone of authenticity.



So, if you're a Scorpio business owner looking to take things up a notch, heed these tips.

They'll help you reach your income goals faster and dominate your space.

Thanks for reading, Scorpio! 

Next steps:

  1. Try my tips out. Most of these involve loving yourself and knowing that you have to take charge of your life and are responsible for your own happiness. Give some of these a try and see if you don't start to think differently about what scares you.

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