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Essential Oils + Crystals



Aries! You, with your intense fiery energy, are on the road to a burn out. You’re eager to do everything that needs to be done and your competitive spirit means that you have to do it better than everyone else around you. 

Garnet, with it’s energizing properties, is the best crystal for you. I recommend wearing it as a pendant or a bracelet. Garnet’s energy burns slow and steady, perfect for your hot temperament. 

Peppermint oil is the best essential oil for you, with all of it’s cooling energy. Dab a little on the back of your neck and shoulders to keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day!



Strong and creative Taurus! You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and you’re always busy solving problems, both in your professional and personal life.

For you, I recommend the beautiful Carnelian. It’s known for its ability to give you a jolt of courage and confidence so you can keep on rocking. Take some time to meditate with while holding Carnelian over your second chakra, right below your navel. 

Try diffusing some honeysuckle oil during this meditation, which will help you alleviate mental stress, leaving you feeling calm, grounded and focused and ready to take on the day.



Dear Gemini, your versatile and kind nature means that you’re constantly managing other people and making sure that the people around you are feeling appreciated and understood, to the point of neglecting your own energetic needs. 

Labradorite is my recommendation for you, especially in the workplace. It tends to make people more congenial and kinder so your people managing can take a backseat and you can have more time to raise your own energies through self care.

Meditating with Labradorite at the throat chakra increases flow of energy between mind and body, which is something you definitely need.

Bergamot oil helps manage tension and anxiety by lowering cortisol levels and can be a natural mood booster, increasing your level of cheerfulness and energy.



My Cancer friend! You are intuitive and protective and so much of your energy goes towards empathizing with the people around you, making sure they’re heard and not being mistreated. Your levels of empathy can sometimes leave you with very little for yourself since you’re so busy looking out for others. 

For you, I recommend Red Jasper. Carry two or three in a pouch to eliminate negativity and for clearing away the emotions of others, the ones you so readily take on with your empathetic nature. This will allow your own natural energy to come for, unhindered by the people around you. 

Lavender oil will help amplify the negative energy effects of Red Jasper as it’s naturally a great choice for clearing the energy around you and restoring balance. Try diffusing some the next time you have a difficult meeting. 



Dramatic and self assured Leo, you sure are a firecracker. You’re as ferocious and in your face as your sign’s namesake and although it comes naturally to you, it can really take a toll on your energy levels having such an over the top kind of personality. 

Pyrite protects your space from negative energy, which can come from people not used to dealing with a force of nature like yourself. You may come off as abrasive or difficult, when in actuality you’re just being honest. Protection from naysayers leaves you free to focus on your own energies and to keep being the dynamic rock star you are.

Lemon essential oils will give you focus and help in removing negative energy from your space, as well as uplifting you.



Virgo, you’re so practical and analytical. For every problem, you’re able to look at the bigger solution and see the solution, making a solid and smart plan to get there. Even though it comes naturally to you, you may feel yourself becoming run down by always being the problem solver.

The best choice for you is Moss Agate. This crystal works with the heart chakra, which can become unbalanced in situations of excessive control, which may be an issue for you. You don’t need to come up with a solution for everything, it’s okay to focus your energy on other things that are important to you and by rebalancing the heart chakra, you’ll be able to do that. Try using it during your meditation!

Chamomile oil will help you with any undue anxiety you may be experiencing, especially if you’re having trouble relinquishing control of people and situations around you. Try diffusing it before bed so you’ll have a restful sleep free of worry and wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.



Social and gracious, you’re focused on things always being balanced and fair, which can be tiring. Not everyone will always see eye to eye, as much as that’s what you want most in your non-confrontational heart. 

Citrine will enable you to continue your mediating tasks with ease, allowing you more energy to focus on growing your business and tending to the day to day tasks. 

Geranium oil will help you remain calm, relaxed and emotionally stable, which is paramount to your work in managing interpersonal relationships. 



Passionate and brave, Scorpios are always at the front line, championing causes and leading others into the fray. A lot of responsibility will naturally fall on your shoulders, which can take a severe toll on your mental health.

Choosing Malachite as your crystal, you’ll be able to continue tapping into your innate confidence and reduce any shyness you may experience about embracing your full role as a leader in your industry.

Diffusing Jasmine essential oil in your workplace will help to alleviate any anxieties you may be feeling in your leadership role about taking on everything and help give you an energetic and focused calm in your work.



Extroverted and generous Sagittarius is the life of the party. You make friends easily and have a great rapport with clients and they love your giving and ready-to-please attitude.

Bronzite will help you in maintaining your natural energetic balance and keeping the link between mind and body energy strong so you can continue being your sparkling, amazing self.

Tea tree oil can be added to your hair products while showering to aid in warding off negative energies from people that may be looking to take advantage of your people-pleasing personality, keeping your own energies safe to continue doing what you do best.



Capricorns are naturally serious and independent and may find themselves as self starting, independent entrepreneurs or freelancers. You tend to prefer to fly solo and manage your business on your own, without interference from others.

Wearing a peridot pendant will give you self confidence and the ability to look into yourself for guidance, since your natural path is a solitary one. It will help your natural lone wolf energy and allow you to continue relying on yourself, although it is perfectly okay to let other people in once in a while!

Vetiver essential oil is a strong opponent to anxiety, which you may find yourself prone to after all of the time spent on your own. 



Deep and imaginative, you’re the idea creator in both your business endeavors and your personal life. You have a million ideas and honestly, most of them are right on the nose. You’re always lost in thought, come up with the next big thing.

Amethyst is stone that stimulates creativity and is perfect for the artists and creators of the world. It stimulates your creative energy and allows the flow of new and innovative ideas to keep on coming. Carry a few with you when you’re in need of inspiration.

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the onslaught of creative energy, Ylang Ylang essential oil will help ground you, allowing you to maintain your natural flow but keeping your creative energy stable and free from the anxieties and depressions that can come along with a highly artistic mind.



Pisces are affectionate and empathetic and often find themselves in roles such as therapy or nursing. You are among the frequent caretakers of the world and so often, you forget to take care of yourself first!

Aquamarine comes with a gentle and compassionate energy, perfect for your naturally healing personality and allowing you to unlock all of the empathy and caring that is found within you.

Often the type of work you find yourself in can be high stress, so try diffusing Myrrh oil to reduce feelings of tension and nervousness, especially after a day that’s particularly trying for your empathetic nature.

Next steps:

  1. Try out these suggestions. Grab your favorite brand of essential oils and try diffusing it when you’re stressed out.

  2. When your energy is low grab your suggested crystal hold it on the area that seems to be holding the most stress.

  3. Experiment with using your suggestions to boost your energy when you feel low.

let me know in the comments below:

What are your favorite essential oils and crystals that help you energy manage?

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