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But the ones that are really deep and meaningful can you give you more impact if you’re aware of these three signs in your personal chart. They are your Star (Sun) sign, your Moon sign, and your Rising or Ascendant sign. 

Your Star (Sun) sign is based on the day you were born (March 1st, August 15th, September 22nd).
Your Moon sign is also based on the day you were born.
Your Rising sign (also known as Ascendant) is based on the TIME you were born (specifically what sign was rising on the eastern horizon when you were born).

Discovering what these signs are is easy and FREE! You will need to know your birth information (date, time, location) to get an accurate natal chart generated. I recommend getting your chart here:

To help you understand how these three are connected and how they pertain to you, I like to start with your Rising sign (based on your time of birth). 

Your Rising sign is like the outside of your house. It’s how you present to the outside world and the first impression people have of you. Think of it as the curbside appeal of your personality: it’s the flowers, the paint or siding, and type of mailbox you choose. If people like what they see, they’ll walk up the steps and ring the doorbell. And if YOU like who rings, you just might let them in.

Your Rising sign is the sign that is actively interacting with people on a day to day level. It shows up in your business through your branding and the persona you put on. You cannot help but unconsciously express it. 

Now, as people get to know you better (and you them), you might invite them into your home. It’s inside your home that  your Moon sign kicks in. Your Moon sign is like the interior of your home. It’s the decor, the furniture, the food you stock in your fridge and the medicines you hide in your cabinet. These are the things people will not see unless you allow them too.

More than likely, only our closest confidants and trusted loved ones really get to see the inside aspects of our personalities. Your Moon sign handles your emotional nature and how your react/respond to things. It’s the sign that is responsible for whether or not you decide to impulsively click “Buy Now” on a salespage. #FOMO

And finally, we get to your Zodiac( Sun) sign. Your Star sign is the sign you look up when you read about your horoscopes on websites, magazines, or newspapers. Your Star (Sun) sign is like the blueprint and the structure of the house. Houses don’t change unless you demo or alter existing structures. Likewise, it is the same with your Sun sign. The foundation of your personality doesn’t really change unless something incredible or traumatic alters it. In your business, this is the core of where your magic comes from. It’s what you draw from to help your clients get the results they are seeking. 


In summary: 

Your Rising sign is what people first think of about you
Your Moon sign is what your best friends know about you
Your Star (Sun) sign is the foundation of who you are

So, to help you get more out of your daily/monthly/yearly horoscopes, it’s best for you to first read your Star (Sun) sign. This will give you a good, general overview of what’s going on for you in that timeframe. 


Your Next Steps:

  1. Next, I would suggest you hit up your Rising sign’s horoscope. This will give you a better picture of what’s going on externally in your universe. Reading about your Rising sign’s horoscope also gives you an idea of opportunities or challenges that are coming up ahead, since these usually come in the form of other people interacting with you. 

  2. And finally, I would then look at your Moon sign’s horoscope. This will give you an understanding of the emotions (ups or downs) you will be experiencing during a specific timeframe. It will also give you insight on how to take advantage of particular moon phase or event (like a Full Moon). 

  3. So, here’s how you do it in practice: Read your Star (Sun) sign first, then your Rising sign, and lastly, your Moon sign. 

That’s it. Once you’ve read all three signs you now have a better picture of what that day, week, or month will bring you! 

let me know in the comments below:

What’s your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?

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