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Your Zodiac Sign and Your Success

When we begin the process of discovering our true selves one of the vehicles that can help us understand the journey is astrology.

Astrology is the study of how the celestial bodies influence and affect our very human, earthly lives. It can explain short-term influences (like a 28-30 day lunar cycle) or long-term effects (like when the outer planets such as Saturn move from one sign to another).

When starting out on your self-discovery journey via astrology, it’s important to learn the basics. And the most basic thing you can learn about is your Zodiac or Sun sign.

Why is it important for you to know your Zodiac (Sun) sign for your success?

When you know your Sun sign, you’re better able to discover your obvious and latent strengths. You’re also in a better position to know your weaknesses. This will all in turn help you understand yourself better.

So, explore it. Learn about your sign from different astrologers (books or blogs) about the many facets of it. Get perspective.

Now, before you poo-poo on doing all this research, remember that the sun is a mother-lovin’ STAR. It is so powerful, that somewhere, out in the universe someone is making wishes on the twinkling of our sun!

If you don't know your Sun sign, it's easy to find it! Just look at the date range each sign rules to see where your birthday falls.

You can also get started by checking out one of the links below to generate your free natal/birth chart.

(FYI: I'm not affiliated with these websites nor am I responsible for the content they share):


What is your Zodiac (Sun) sign?

It’s basically what zodiac sign the sun was in on the DAY you were born.

Your Sun sign = the DAY you were born.

Your Sun sign is the sign you look up when you read about your horoscopes on websites, magazines, or newspapers.

It's like the blueprint and the eventual structure of a house. It’s the foundation of your personality and how your ego operates. To dramatically change a house you need to demo or alter existing walls. Likewise, the foundation of your personality doesn’t really change unless something incredible or traumatic alters it.

So, I recommend before you start looking at other more exotic aspects of your natal / birth chart (the snapshot picture of the universe on the day and time you were born), you do a deep dive into your Sun sign.


Aries are born leaders who not only love being in charge but are incredibly competent too. Starting your own business is practically your birthright. When you play, you play to win.


Taurus business owners are known to exude a quiet calmness and strength. Other people admire your ability to stay present, mind your own business, and work hard toward your own goals.


People around your business admire your ability to learn new skills with crazy quickness. You are seen as intelligent and diplomatic, and people genuinely dig your ability to communicate with them, whether that happens through speaking or writing.


Cancer business owners are seen as transparent and genuine, making others trust you right away. You’re known for your fierce dedication to other people you work with.


Rawr. It’s just so fun to be around you, Leo. You’re outgoing, adventurous, and you’re seriously giving. Because of this, you draw others to you naturally, just by being your awesome self. You’re 100% a natural born business leader.


All of your best qualities are things most business owners would pay big bucks to have. You are intellectual, inquisitive, and investigative. Through your own observations, you’re pretty dang good at reaching solutions for others who might be struggling.


You can be a charming thing, can’t you? People like you because you’re a little flirty, but they also dig your mellow, too. Since you can naturally read others and pick up on the things that make them happy, you bring out the best in those around you.


Hey, sassy pants. Your reputation is one of being a little excitable and emotional, but when harnessed appropriately that makes you a real competitor in the business world.


You like to go it alone most times because you don’t want others to hold you back, but once you find a person to add to your tribe you are incredibly devoted to them.


You are a rock. For sure, this is your gift in the business arena. You are a hard-working, self-sufficient, reliable person who is grounded. You don’t need others to hold you accountable because you’ve set your own high standards.


Above all else, you believe integrity is the glue of businesses. You are honest and seek the same in others. Interestingly enough, though you are also logical, you possess a charm people are attracted to.


You tend to put the feelings of others before your own due to your empathic nature. YOu’re sensitive, emotional and intuitive, which are all incredible gifts to have!

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Next steps:

  1. Learn all you can about Sun sign. Get different perspectives so you have a well-rounded view of your strengths and weaknesses.

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let me know in the comments below:

What’s your favorite thing you LOVE about your Sun sign?

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