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Your Moon Sign In Business

Your Moon Sign. Mysterious. Covert. Totally undercover...and super powerful.

The moon sign in your natal chart shows how you deal with emotions and represent your emotional responses to stimuli.

Business mastery through astrology

Your moon sign is the partially hidden part of your personality, but it’s always there, influencing you in the background.

The moon represents your emotional nature, but there’s a lot more to it than whether or not you cry during sappy movies!

La Luna is second in command in your birth chart, so it’s influence is almost just as important as your sun sign.

Which is why we’re taking a close look at how it can impact how you run and market your business.

In fact, you probably identify pretty closely with your moon sign, even though the traits of your sun sign are a lot more obvious in your personality.

While your sun sign is your conscious mind, the moon represents your subconscious tendencies -- your inner self and what makes you feel comfortable.

Picture your moon sign as the business partner in the shadows, giving you subtle orders on how to run your business, and your marketing methods.

Not sure what your Moon sign is? Go to this free online natal chart generator or this one to discover yours.

What you feel like doing at any given moment is heavily influenced by your moon sign.

It probably won’t affect the look of your brand like your Midheaven or Ascendant would or your mindset like your 12th House sign, but there’s no denying its influence behind the scenes.

A lot of your impulsive (or emotional) buying is affected by your moon sign. And why not? It's been accepted as common knowledge that we make decisions based on our emotions rather than logic.

So, it makes perfect sense that your moon sign rides herd over what you buy and EVEN how salespage copy affects your Paypal balance (or was it your American Express?).

Learn more about how your astrology personality influences your business here.

The funny thing is if you have a PERSONAL brand, you're going to want to pay attention to your Moon sign too.

Since your peeps are gravitating towards you due to your emotional output (aka: your creativity, offers, etc), it's important you understand how your Moon sign operates when you create.

Let's take a look at the moon signs and see how they play a significant role in a business owner or in a marketer. 

What is your Moon Sign?

You only need to know the DATE of your birth to discover your Moon sign but knowing your birth time and where you were born (city, country) helps too.

You can go to this link (I tested both with and without my birth time to make sure it was accurate) to find out your Moon sign. http://astro.cafeastrology.com/natal.php

What your Moon Sign says about you in business:

Aries Moon Sign

Aries Moon

Those who have an Aries moon are those that will not hesitate to get things done. Those with this moon sign are passionate and fiery and are extremely driven. Those who have an Aries moon are more likely to be the ones to start setting up projects and effective marketing and branding strategies.

What makes you unique:

You have an inner engine that keeps you moving ahead, because taking immediate action is what makes this moon sign feel secure. Once the facts are in, you make decisions quickly.



Taurus Moon Sign

Taurus Moon

Those who have a Taurus moon are quite patient and have tough skin. This is why business owners and marketers who have this moon sign will end up doing well. That is because they will be patient enough to wait for a return on investment to be made while they keep working hard at marketing their businesses.

What makes you unique:

You don’t take risks when it comes to anything, especially not with your business. You gravitate toward the traditional ways of getting things done, and you’ll slowly dip your toes into new methods.



Gemini Moon Sign

Gemini Moon

Those with this moon sign are naturally inquisitive and are good at expressing themselves. In fact, they know how to express themselves in a unique way. This moon sign is beneficial when it comes to branding as they can naturally find ways how to make themselves stand out from the crowd. 

What makes you unique:

Absorbing, synthesizing and sharing information comes as natural to you as breathing. This is great, because you can easily use social media as an effective tool to market your business and connect with your target audience.



Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer Moon

Those who have a Cancer moon are most definitely emotional and family and home matters are a priority to them. With that said, if you have a Cancer moon, you likely have a home office, and you built your business out of your home.

What makes you unique:

You have the innate ability to tune into the underlying needs of your contacts or clients. Being upfront and honest about your own feelings in a positive way makes others feel comfortable opening up to you, as well.



Leo Moon Sign

Leo Moon

Those who have a Leo moon are excellent marketers because they utilize their creativity and can create the best working strategy around. In fact, because those with this moon love to show off due to their nature, they are the ones that will create many visuals as part of their marketing strategy.

What makes you unique:

You want to appear confident and in control of any situation, and this comes easily because you’re reliable when it comes to any type of relationship or partnership. You get hyped and stay hyped about whatever captures your big heart.



Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo Moon

Those that have a Virgo Moon are quite conservative with their approach. This means if you have a Virgo Moon and you are a business owner, you realize that you have to spend money to make money - but you will be extremely conservative about it.

What makes you unique:

You’re connected to your work on a deep emotional level. For you, the lines between work and play can be very blurred, or even non-existent. You work hard to provide the best service for your customers, and your standards are very high. 



Libra Moon Sign

Libra Moon

Those with a Libra Moon are all about being stylish and are naturally extroverted. This is a great moon to have when you are in marketing. If this is your moon sign then you have a strong sense of style that is attractive, which will help your marketing strategies a lot.

What makes you unique:

Your great communication skills make you a team player, and you always have the right things to say to smooth out the rough edges of a situation. A lot of your business’s success has to do with your ability to shmooze with a wide variety of people.



Scorpio Moon Sign

Scorpio Moon

Those who have a Scorpio Moon are intense and have a great way of delving into mysteries. If you have your moon in Scorpio, then you will most definitely have a way to find out how your competitors are marketing themselves so you can not only utilize their tools - but even find ways on how to take away their clients. 

What makes you unique:

You enjoy deep discussions with your audience, but you never reveal too much of your own insecurities. You prefer for others to see you as strong, confident and authoritative. 



Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius Moon

Those with a Sagittarius Moon are going to be always finding ways to learn more about how they can improve their business and marketing strategy, and they are natural travelers. If your moon is in Sagittarius, you are the type to always take courses on new ways to market yourself.

What makes you unique:

Deep down, you are a teacher. You love taking in inspirational knowledge that has more to do with spiritual matters and philosophy, and applying
it to your life and your business. 



Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn Moon

Those with a Capricorn Moon are those who take their work very seriously and are very goal-oriented. This means if your Moon is in Capricorn, you are going to do anything and everything possible to attain your goals no matter how lofty they are.

What makes you unique:

You come off as cool, calm and collected, even during a crisis. Your schedule is full, built around the steps toward your ultimate goal laid out in order of how they need to be accomplished.



Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius Moon

Those with an Aquarius Moon are those who lean towards using unconventional approaches when it comes to creating a business or marketing plan. That is because Aquarius is the sign that represents innovation and being unconventional. 

What makes you unique:

You make keen observations and find ways to go against the grain. Your moon is ruled by revolutionary and avant garde Uranus, and you love to challenge old ways of thinking that aren’t relevant anymore.



Pisces Moon Sign

Pisces Moon

Those who have their Moon in Pisces are incredibly emotional, intuitive, and highly creative. This means if your moon is in Pisces and you are a marketer or business owner, you will be implementing a lot of creativity in your marketing strategy and branding strategy.

What makes you unique:

You’re motivated the most by soulful exchanges, and your business will always carry this quality no matter what you do. Your audience will be enchanted by your personable approach to your business.




Next steps:

  1. Learn all you can about Moon sign. Get different perspectives so you have a well-rounded view of your strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Tell me in the comments HOW your Moon sign has shown up in your business. Sometimes, our Moon sign has a bigger influence than we realize.

  3. Sign up for my Stars & Strategies Membership and get access to my in-depth Full Moon and New Moon reports along with your monthly business horoscopes and tarot readings. Get your big picture here: https://www.starsandstrategies.com/

let me know in the comments below:

How has your Moon Sign showed up in your business?

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