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Personal branding based on your Rising / Ascendant sign

“What are you selling?” isn’t the question; it’s “who are you?” Knowing how you come off to people – as shown in your astrological rising sign (your ascendant) – is crucial to shaping your personal brand.

Your rising sign is the first impression people have of you when they meet you. Some astrologers argue that your rising sign is like your “default” setting since it rules your first house. Check out this post on how to discover your rising sign.

So, you may recognize aspects of yourself that’s more prominent then say your sun sign. So, it makes sense that your clients would pick up on your rising first.

After all, customers aren’t just buying a product or service, but you, or some aspect of you (your energy or experience), so put your best foot forward by learning to work with your rising sign to create a compelling and interesting personal brand.


Aries Rising Sign: assertive, competitive, energetic

Aries Rising is often mistaken as aggressive, but they’re just puppies. They appear bold and physically demonstrative. They’re forever young, ready to leap or bark at any moment. 

Customers looking for a straight shooter with an entrepreneurial spirit are drawn to this rising sign. However, they’re prone to acting before thinking, which can ruin long-term plans and relationships.

They can use their can-do attitude and shamelessness to crush the market and build customer confidence. 


Taurus Rising Sign: dependable, sensual, enduring 

Taurus rising seems slow to rouse, but once moving, they endure at a steady pace. Taurus rising appears stubborn, but is usually quite attractive, often dressing well.

Customers want to emulate their effortless style and are drawn to their seeming sense of peace. However, Taurus rising can appear needlessly conformist and damned proud of it. 

Their sensuality is their gift, as people want to emulate their down-to-earth style.


Gemini Rising Sign: communicative, curious, agile  

Gemini rising always appears to be busy, in the middle of a conversation, or interacting with someone. This one may not exhibit a lot of warmth, but does want to talk. Oh, does it ever. 

This is particularly useful for those selling information or intellectual services, as others assume they must be an authority on these matters because they act that way. However, they may not understand the basic reptilian needs behind the desire. 

However, being seemingly the one most in-the-know makes them the go-to person for clients seeking the newest thing.


Cancer Rising Sign: nurturing, caring, gentle

Cancer rising is the proverbial grandma, whether male or female. They can be very warm and accommodating, often taking care of others before themselves.  

For this reason, they make excellent business people, because they make others feel wanted and cared for. However, this sign can also be sensitive to rejection --- even imaginary rejection – and meltdown like a toddler.  

Cancer rising, however, makes people feel wanted, creating a family out of their client base.


Leo Rising Sign: creative, dramatic, loyal 

Leo rising makes everyone take notice of them, and as business people, they’re often their own spokespeople. They’re flashy and dramatic, but also purveyors of good time. 

Those who want to be bossed around seek out Leo rising for worship. They make themselves iconic, even though they demand all the attention and refuse to admit wrongdoing.  

However, Leo risings are also very loyal to those who are loyal to them, and truth be told… everyone wants a rock star for a friend. 


Virgo Rising Sign: analytical, intelligent, helpful

Virgo rising is unassuming and tends to fade into the background, and yet, is often the glue that keeps things together. They come off as anxious or pedantic, yet capable of solving any problem. 

Out of all rising signs, this one struggles most with personal branding. Virgo rising’s customers come to them seeking perfection and mastery, expecting the best, though Virgo rising is never satisfied with their work, and are insecure about failure. 

However, their attention to detail means they can see what the competition lacks and offer something that improves upon the norm.  Revenge of the nerds indeed.


Libra Rising Sign: charismatic, fashionable, charming

Libra rising just draws people in. They tend to wait for people to drift in by flashing a smile or offering a compliment. Libra rising knows how to push the right buttons and make others feel desired and at ease. 

Their customers come to them because they want to feel at ease, and Libra rising has a way of smoothing rough edges. However, Libra rising has a tendency to tell people what they want to hear, whether or not it’s true. Is it lying? Well…

Libra risings are very persuasive and usually do well in sales, and working one-on-one is usually where they can coax someone to open their wallet a little wider.


Scorpio Rising Sign: sexy, intense, intuitive 

Scorpio rising people tend to make others love or hate them. They come off as intense, powerful, and sexy. They draw people in and repel them, and sometimes, they do both, at the same time, leaving a lot of sexual confusion in their wake. 

People assume Scorpio rising knows mysteries others don’t, and that if they find out, they can be powerful, too. However, they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so they shouldn’t even try to be basic. 

They make excellent businesspersons because they know people’s deepest, truest, dirtiest desires and fears. 


Sagittarius Rising Sign: adventurous, philosophical, enthusiastic

Sagittarius rising folks tend to be honest to a fault, happy-go-lucky, and unconcerned with the trifling things people care about, like gossip or table manners. They never seem committed to any social group, though they have strong principles and beliefs. 

Sagittarius rising tends to collect admirers without trying because others like their stories and their joviality. However follow-up and follow-through are weak points, and they want to move on to new things and new clients.  

However, no one generates enthusiasm like a Sagittarius rising, who can appear as sages and gurus. 


Capricorn Rising Sign: productive, resourceful, committed 

Capricorn rising is always surprised when it gets attention, at least in youth. They come off as the consummate golden girl or golden boy: always working, always achieving. They let their accomplishments speak for them, and they always seem so serious. 

They always get the job done, come hell or high water, but they’re not likely to deviate from tradition or the established norm. Experiment? Never!

Others see Capricorn rising as responsible and mature, so customers who want traditional craftsmanship or old fashioned values want what this ascendant offers. 


Aquarius Rising Sign: innovative, rebellious, unusual

Aquarius rising is weird. Specifically, they’re contrarian and individualistic. While they may appear detached from the world around them, they’re observing everything, like an alien visitor, and they easily see patterns and connections that regular people tend to miss. 

They always have a new perspective, idea, or observation, and they love to shock and surprise. However, as business people, they approach the business part, like billing, as if it’s not important. 

Aquarius rising success comes from a commitment to being different, and marketing to those who want something unusual or cutting edge.   


Pisces Rising Sign: reflective, sensitive, imaginative

Pisces rising can be whoever anyone wants them to be, but they tend to be reflective of whatever anyone needs them to be. They can seem vulnerable and in the clouds, friendly and without apparent boundaries. 

These folks are imaginative and artistic, and they tend to bring fantasy to whatever they do, even things that require seriousness, like testifying in court. However, their first instinct is to flee when it comes to hardship or details.

People are drawn to them because they exude empathy and acceptance, so marketing their understanding draws in those who need it. 

Next steps:

  1. Use my suggestions as a starting point when creating or refining your own personal brand.

  2. If you already have an established personal brand, then review and make sure you’re sprinkling in elements of your rising sign.

  3. Purchase my Personal Brand Guide + Brand Positioning Word List. Click HERE to learn more >>


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