Rising Sign Branding


Personal branding based on your Rising / Ascendant sign

“What are you selling?” isn’t the question; it’s “who are you?” Knowing how you come off to people – as shown in your astrological rising sign (your ascendant) – is crucial to shaping your personal brand.

Your rising sign is the first impression people have of you when they meet you. Some astrologers argue that your rising sign is like your “default” setting since it rules your first house. Check out this post on how to discover your rising sign.

So, you may recognize aspects of yourself that’s more prominent then say your sun sign. So, it makes sense that your clients would pick up on your rising first.

After all, customers aren’t just buying a product or service, but you, or some aspect of you (your energy or experience), so put your best foot forward by learning to work with your rising sign to create a compelling and interesting personal brand.


Aries Rising Sign: assertive, competitive, energetic

Aries Rising is often mistaken as aggressive, but they’re just puppies. They may come off as a bit too bold, but let's remember these are puppy-level enthusiasm we're talking about here.

They might not have the same filter that more mature signs possess - this is why they actually attract customers who seek people with an entrepreneurial approach who can be trusted to cut through the noise.

While their energy may lead them down paths of impulsive decision-making, which can their ruin long-term plans, their relentless cheerfulness can also help them accomplish their goals in no time flat.

Plus, those unwavering good vibes? That’s a surefire way to build customer loyalty for the long haul.

Customers looking for a straight shooter with an entrepreneurial spirit are drawn to this rising sign.

They use their can-do attitude and shamelessness to crush the market to build customer confidence. 


Taurus Rising Sign: dependable, sensual, enduring 

Taurus Rising may seem slow to get started, but once they get going, they won't stop.

Notoriously obstinate, those with the Taurus rising sign have an incredible eye for aesthetics and, no surprise here, dress to impress!

They are attractive in a way that draws people to their seemingly serene attitude toward life.

Embodying the essence of restrained pride, they present a reassuring calm that customers strive to match.

Capable of straddling two sides of the coin—assertive and mild-mannered—Taurus Risings possess an alluring sensuality that others want to co-opt.

Inventing a style rooted in realism and practicality, these native influencers can coax others into feeling comfortable with who or where they are; expressing themselves proudly throughout any journey.


Gemini Rising Sign: communicative, curious, agile  

Those with a Gemini rising are always in the thick of things, whether it's carrying on conversations or spending time with others.

Though they may not appear to be too inviting, make no mistake about it: these people absolutely love to talk.

That natural air of authority and expertise that someone with a Gemini rising emits can be especially handy when it comes to marketing information or intellectual services.

You better believe that Gemini Rising has got the inside scoop.

They crave relevance and newness, so naturally, they will be the go-to person for curious clients who want the latest and greatest.


Cancer Rising Sign: nurturing, caring, gentle

Cancer rising is the ultimate nurturer and has the unique ability to make everyone feel like 'family'!

In businesses, this trait is particularly valuable because it creates loyal patronage.

People inherently gravitate towards environments that make them feel appreciated, and Cancer risings have mastered this art!

Whether intentional or not, they give out plenty of loving energy that helps individuals form strong connections with one another.

However, this rising sign also needs lots of comfort when facing rejection or even imagined rejection - it can be quite difficult for them to handle these intense emotions without having someone understand and support them along their journey.


Leo Rising Sign: creative, dramatic, loyal 

Those who have Leo rising know that all eyes are on them, and they own the role of their own hype / spokesperson.

They don't mind being a bit flashy or dramatic, but they know how to have a good time too - because why not?

Clients who don't mind (or even those who do mind) being bossed around might get drawn in by the Leo risings' magnetic quality.

They mesmerize with their iconic presence, yet they may have trouble taking responsibility if things go sideways.

Leo risings are loyal to those who are loyal to them - making them the perfect friend any rock star would envy.


Virgo Rising Sign: analytical, intelligent, helpful

Virgo rising is the silent hero who often fades into the background and yet, is intelligent enough to take any problem and solve it.

If a task needs to be done, they will do it without question or need for recognition.

They have an anxious energy, yet beneath that anxious energy lies a strength of will and commitment to excellence that others may not recognize.

As perfectionists, those with this rising sign struggle with personal branding because they can never be satisfied with their work--they want everything to be just right.

However, their attention to detail is what allows them to see what the competition lacks and offer something that far exceeds expectations.



Libra Rising Sign: charismatic, fashionable, charming

Libra risings are a special breed, they just know how to work those around them with their endearing personalities and warmth.

It’s almost like a sixth sense; they can tell when someone is feeling uneasy and offer the perfect soft touch or gracious compliment that totally diffuses tensions.

People invariably turn to them for advice, feeling comfortable with their honest but gentle approach.

With their calming demeanors, it's no wonder why Libra rising know how to get people to open up--and in some cases open up their wallet too!

They have a knack for finding the right words that really resonates with whomever they’re speaking with, making that person feel as if they’ve truly been heard and understood.


Scorpio Rising Sign: sexy, intense, intuitive 

People with Scorpio rising energy understand that love or hate — both of which they tend to draw — is just a matter of perspective.

Their intense, powerful, and sexy aura attracts all kinds of people into their world, but they also stand out in a crowd because they don’t follow convention or blend in — and usually this leads to plenty of sexual confusion when they’re around.

However, if you can appreciate their mysterious essence, Scorpio risings can be your ticket to unlocking a whole new side of yourself that you otherwise wouldn’t ever find.

The power these folks have lies in understanding the deepest secrets and desires within us, as well as our darkest fears – so it’s little wonder why they make excellent businesspersons too!

However, they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so they shouldn’t even try to be basic. 


Sagittarius Rising Sign: adventurous, philosophical, enthusiastic

Sagittarius rising folks tend to be honest to a fault, happy-go-lucky, and unconcerned with the trifling things people care about, like gossip or table manners.

They never seem committed to any social group, though they have strong principles and beliefs. 

Sagittarius rising tends to collect admirers without trying because others like their stories and their joviality.

Follow-up and follow-through are weak points, and they want to move on to new things and new clients.  

However, no one generates enthusiasm like a Sagittarius rising, who can appear as sages and gurus. 


Capricorn Rising Sign: productive, resourceful, committed 

Capricorn rising is always surprised when it gets attention, at least in youth.

They come off as the consummate golden girl or golden boy: always working, always achieving.

They let their accomplishments speak for them, and they always seem so serious. 

They always get the job done, come hell or high water, but they’re not likely to deviate from tradition or the established norm. Experiment? Never!

Others see Capricorn rising as responsible and mature, so customers who want traditional craftsmanship or old fashioned values want what this ascendant offers. 


Aquarius Rising Sign: innovative, rebellious, unusual

Aquarius rising is weird.

Specifically, they’re contrarian and individualistic.

While they may appear detached from the world around them, they’re observing everything, like an alien visitor, and they easily see patterns and connections that regular people tend to miss. 

They always have a new perspective, idea, or observation, and they love to shock and surprise.

However, as business people, they approach the business part, like invoicing, as if it’s not important. 

Aquarius rising success comes from a commitment to being different, and marketing to those who want something unusual or cutting edge.   


Pisces Rising Sign: reflective, sensitive, imaginative

Pisces rising can be whoever anyone wants them to be, but they tend to be reflective of whatever anyone needs them to be.

They can seem vulnerable and in the clouds, friendly and without apparent boundaries. 

These folks are imaginative and artistic, and they tend to bring fantasy to whatever they do, even things that require seriousness, like testifying in court.

However, their first instinct is to flee when it comes to hardship or details.

People are drawn to them because they exude empathy and acceptance, so marketing their understanding draws in those who need it. 

Next steps:

  1. Use my suggestions as a starting point when creating or refining your own personal brand.

  2. If you already have an established personal brand, then review and make sure you’re sprinkling in elements of your rising sign.

  3. Purchase my Personal Brand Guide + Brand Positioning Word List. Click HERE to learn more >>


let me know in the comments below:

What resonated with you regarding your rising sign and your personal branding?

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