Ideal Client Spread



Card 1: This represents a snapshot picture of your ideal client. It'll give you a clear idea of who they are at their core.

Card 2: This represents what your ideal client needs from you. It's like a little roadmap to fulfilling their desires and wishes.

Card 3: This card uncovers what your ideal client struggles with. Understanding their challenges will help you offer the right solutions.

Card 4: This card reveals what attracts your ideal client to your brand or business. Discovering this will help you amplify your appeal.

Card 5: Last but not least, this card represents your solution or offer. It's the magic potion that will make your ideal client say, "Yes, this is exactly what I've been looking for!"

So, are you ready to uncover the secrets of your dream customers and take your business to the next level?

Give my Ideal Client card spread a try, and let the mystical journey begin!


Some tips on getting clarity when doing a reading for yourself:

  1. Try not to overthink it OR get frustrated. If something is not clear, it's okay to throw down a clarifying card next to the card that isn't quite clicking for you.

  2. Take your time when reading the interpretations of your card. It's okay to pull out your guide for interpretations.

  3. Write down the answers you get in a notebook, so you can keep track of the insight you get from your reading. Good luck and let me know in the comments how this worked for you.

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