Spread of Serenity



During these times, it’s important to not only lean into your inner strength and fortitude, but also to your spirit.

The prayer of Serenity has been a gold standard in giving us the mindset, attitude, and approach to take when things get tough and troubled.

Adapting the tenets of the well-known prayer, I present the Spread of Serenity - a simple card spread that can use BOTH Tarot and oracle cards.

I initially shared this spread with Golden Circle members in response to a request for a special spread, but I decided to post it here on my blog to make it a free resource for those in time of need.



Taking on life's most difficult periods requires an ability to look deeply for clarity, growth and guidance.

That’s why I designed this spread - to provide deep insight, understanding and advice that prepares you for any challenge that comes your way.

It takes an artful balance of card divination and intuitive inquiry to provide clear commands in such a concise manner.

With only a few cards needed to gain the answers you seek, this spread offers just that - efficient, detailed action points without missing a beat.

Grab your decks, take counsel from its wisdom, and experience renewed inner peace!

spread serenity

On a practical level, keep yourself safe and as healthy as possible. Take care of yourself and your family. Be patient with yourself and others. Production levels of goods and food haven’t dropped. They will keep making them. They will be back on shelves.

On a spiritual level, tap into your inner knowing. Pray. Speak to your ancestors. Talk to the deities you work with. Ask yourself what is true. Manage your energy. Deep breaths.

On a human level, be kind. Keep informed but don’t give into the panic or conspiracy theories. Check on your loved ones. If you can, donate to local food banks or shelters. Donate blood (there’s a nationwide shortage).

Remember, you have survived even greater obstacles and situations in the past and you have come out stronger on the other side. We are all in this together.

Next steps:

  1. Maintain YOUR OWN sense of serenity. Stay off social media for your mental health if need be.

  2. Sign up for my Stars & Strategies Membership and get access to my in-depth Full Moon and New Moon reports along with your monthly business horoscopes and tarot readings. Get your big picture here: https://www.starsandstrategies.com/

  3. Tell me in the comments what you are doing to cope and spread serenity in your space.

let me know in the comments below:

How are you going to experience and spread Serenity?

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