3 Ways To Fix Your Business Fast

3 ways to fix your business fast

Let’s Fix Your Business Fast

The past two years have been a doozy for many of us business owners.

It’s been an exercise in resilience, realizations, and for, many of you, facing the hard truths of where you can improve in your business.

Since, the pandemic hit, I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with hundreds on business owners pivot and tweak their businesses and provide guidance through my weekly newsletter during these turbulent times.

That said, I’ve seen a thing or two on what has made one business stay afloat and soar while another sink in these times.

As I begin the process of looking towards my goals & plans for 2022, I thought it would be interesting to share my insights on why some businesses floundered bad and how you can fix these issues in your own business.

And if these insights I shared help you, I’d like to invite you to work with me one on one to fix your business.

3 Ways To Fix Your Business Fast Blog Post

So, let’s get right to it.

If you recognize some of the factors in your own business, please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed.

Business is a practice and we are all learning how to “do it” better.

See these factors are learning opportunities to fix your leaks or whatever “ails” your business systems.

Factor No. 1 - You had the wrong audience to begin with

Sales and marketing serve the purpose of informing, educating, and motivating your audience to take action.

But if you’re targeting the wrong audience all this effort is for naught.

The Fix - Be brutally honest if the audience you are trying to cater to will:

  • want the offers you are selling

  • need the solutions you are offering

  • appreciate the skills & gifts you are packaging as the solutions to their problems

You gotta make sure it hits all the checkmarks on these.

If not, there’s a huge misalignment and you’re seeing that misalignment show up in the lack of growth in sales and subscribers.

3 Ways To Fix Your Business Fast Blog Post

Factor No. 2 - You’re not distinguishable enough from your competitors or contemporaries

Yikes. This factor is one that is easily the most fixable but the hardest one to move on.

Why? Because it requires you to put your stake in the ground, raise your freak flag, and be VISIBLE to ONLY the people who “get” you & your business.

I know, scary.

But this action alone has helped myself and many other business owners weather the pandemic storm.

The reason being is because when our audiences were looking for that ONE PERSON to solve a very real or perceived problem, they had ONLY US as the person in their mind.

Now, that “one person” concept isn’t limited to skill or offer. It’s about personality. If you have that personality or vibe your audience is looking for - you’re guaranteed to get a sale or subscriber.

The Fix - Be willing to be VISIBLY SPECIAL

Whether it’s showing off your individual personality, your signature system or your style.

Be willing to show it off so your right people, KNOW you’re the right person for them.

Struggling to feel comfortable showing up? I hear you. Toe-dip into this by looking at your Midheaven and your 12th House signs.

3 Ways To Fix Your Business Fast Blog Post

Factor No. 3 - You’re not clear on what your offers does or how it will make your client feel

Out of the three factors, this is probably the second hardest to hammer out but simple to do.

How you describe the results of what your offers does and feels goes a looooong way in helping your ideal customers know whether to buy from you or not.

  • Are you a Fire sign? Chances are, no matter what you sell, there will always be an element of rapid transformation. Does your salescopy reflect that?

  • Are you an Earth sign? Your offers provide a methodical and steady approach, thus almost guaranteeing predictable results. Are you letting your customers know that?

  • Are you an Air sign? Your talents lend to an innovative and “Holy shitake! That’s a game-changer idea!” Do your clients know that when they work with you, you’re going to move them forward (whether it’s hand holding or butt kicking)?

  • Are you a Water sign? Your services help your customers feel safe to take that next big leap. Are you letting them know that your process is part magic, part genius-level strategy?

The Fix - Make sure you are clear (not clever) with how you describe the way your customers will feel after working with you or buying your product.

People want to buy things that make them feel things. Make sure you’re expressing those feelings with the results.

Remember, people buy on emotion! Connect with your offers with how they will feel once they benefit from it.

3 Ways To Fix Your Business Fast Blog Post

Hopefully, these insights and fixes will help you get a better sense of how to come out stronger in your business.

If you need help implementing these fixes in your business FAST or if you need them to be customized to your specific business needs, book a private 1-hour consult with me today.

My consults are budget friendly and I usually can get folks in within a week.

You’ll walk away with a solid, actionable plan (tailored to your personality) and the confidence & know-how to actually do it.

Your easy next steps:

  1. Book a private 1-hour consult with me. Budget friendly with custom advice. >>> Book your consult today.

  2. Grab your copy of my 11 Business Affirmations for FREE. >>> Download now.

  3. Tell me in the comments what factor is messing with your business right now.

let me know in the comments below:

Which factor is affecting your business the most right now? :/

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No 3, and 2? Thank you, Aliza. Inspiring as always. Miss you and the circle. 💗 Maria
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